Korean Toy Company 'Young Toys' Enters 'DeNations' Metaverse

'Young Toys', a Korean toy company, signed MOU to join DeNations metaverse.

DeNations metaverse is the world's first nations-based metaverse which currently has 195 nation NFTs inspired by real-world data. DeNations recently released land NFT, which will serve as territories of the nations. DeNations users can own the nations and lands to earn tokens by expanding their territories.

Young Toys is a Korean toy company that produced brands like Secret Jouju, Tobot, and Kongsuni. These toys each have their own animated series, and Kongsuni is being aired until now. The company's history starts in 1980 and it is currently focusing on its vision to make a better future for the kids by inspiring them with its toys.

Through the partnership with DeNations, Young Toys will be owning one of DeNations 'Meta Land'. Young Toys can utilize the 'Meta Land' to interact with the DeNations users and carry out various activities. Also, DeNations users will be able to collect special resources near Young Toys 'Meta Land' to create exclusive NFT. The exclusive NFT can be used for upgrading owned nations and lands. Also, they can be traded on open markets. The officials stated that companies strive to create a partnership that elevates their user content experience. Collaboration details will be announced on DeNations' social media.

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