Lady M New York Launches New Canada Website and Shipping on Canada Day 2020!

Lady M New York launches a new Canada website on July 1, offering online luxury cake shipping throughout Canada.

Lady M New York

The long-awaited Lady M Canada website and cake shipping service arrives July 1! 

Just in time for summer holidays and celebrations, Lady M is delighted to announce the official launch of This new Canada website allows Lady M customers to place online orders for cake shipping throughout all of Canada.

Lady M’s Canada online cake selection includes iconic offerings like Signature Mille Crêpes and Green Tea Mille Crêpes. Longtime Lady M fans will recognize Signature Mille Crêpes as the famous and original Lady M creation. This cake features at least twenty golden and paper-thin crêpes (each layer made by hand!) layered with whipped pastry cream. Many will also delight to see Green Tea Mille Crêpes, an elegant cake pairing green tea pastry cream and handmade crêpes.

Additional cake offerings include the Chocolate Mille Crêpes cake which is outfitted in giant chocolate curls and Pistachio Mille Crêpes made with vibrant California pistachios. Tiramisu lovers may indulge Tiramisu Mille Crêpes, a cake made decadent with espresso-soaked sponge cake tucked between layers of crêpes and cream. Passion Fruit Mille Crêpes and Coconut Mille Crêpes call to mind the warm summer months and tropical holidays. 

For those who want a taste of it all, Slice of the Best is the first and only cake to offer a taste of Lady M’s four most popular cake flavors. Slice of the Best is a stunning pre-sliced cake featuring 12 slices total, three each of Lady M’s Signature, Green Tea, Chocolate, and Passion Fruit Mille Crêpes cake.

All the above cakes will be available for shipping to every zip code in Canada. Shipping costs are dependent on location and order quantity. To stay informed of the official launch date, relevant news, and special updates, customers are encouraged to sign up for the new Lady M Canadian Newsletter at

About Lady M:

Lady M Confections Co., Ltd. is a NYC cake brand with 45 boutiques worldwide. Created in 2001 and helmed by CEO Ken Romaniszyn, Lady M is the creator of Mille Crêpes. Lady M marries French techniques with Japanese sensibilities to develop creations that are a touch sweet and ideal for all occasions. Indulge in a world of cakes and confections at and


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Lady M New York is a New York City-based cake company with 40 boutique locations globally. The company was created in 2001 and is helmed by Ken Romaniszyn (Global CEO). Lady M New York is best known for the creation of Mille Crêpes cake.

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