Leading Canadian Exchange Adopts New Market Feed Verification Solution From Inceptrum Technologies Inc.

Adaptive Market Feed Testing at an Exchange Venue

INCEPTRUM Technologies Inc., a solutions provider to the capital markets, today announced the deployment of its automated verification tool, called “FEEDCMP”, at a leading Canadian Exchange, enhancing quality assurance testing of Market Data and Regulatory (IIROC) Feeds.

FEEDCMP is the latest addition to a suite of automated test tools from INCEPTRUM and employs a new concept called “Adaptive Testing” for the verification of Market Feeds under variable load conditions.

This new verification approach uses information such as, Drop-Copy and Execution Reports, sourced in real-time from the trading system, to create a dynamic data reference with which to verify the feed under test.

FEEDCMP automatically adapts to different trade flows, removing the need for a test engineer to support multiple feed test setups for different trading scenarios. A single test setup in FEEDCMP is all you require to support any test flow presented to the trading system and verify that multiple back-end feeds are running as expected.

Dmitry Kursov, President & CTO, Inceptrum said, "We are very pleased to have deployed FEEDCMP at a leading Canadian Exchange, less than a month after its official launch. Our “Adaptive Testing” concept provides a much-needed solution for verifying Market Feed output under high load conditions — which is not feasible using traditional functional test setups, due to the effect of asynchronous trading actions from multiple client sessions, producing a non-predictive order of trade matching between counter-parties. Comparing feed output against a static data reference is therefore not an appropriate test approach under high load conditions, due to changes in trade message sequence and content (i.e. price, volume, etc.) for each test run.”

FEEDCMP can be deployed for non-intrusive, real-time monitoring in both development and production trading environments guarding against message drop-outs, malformed messages and inconsistent data content on your Market Feeds.

Please visit www.inceptrum.com/en/feedcmp for more information on this product.


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