LegalSportsReport Breaks Story on Book Highlighting the Government's Assault on Daily Fantasy Sports

There is a legislative storm brewing in state capitals across the country. The subject? The future of fantasy sports in America as we know it.

Daily Fantasy Sports Book

A new book titled “Daily Fantasy Sports” hit the market this past weekend and its contents contain comprehensive insight into the often-secretive fantasy sports industry. The release of the book comes at the same time FanDuel, DraftKings, and the Fantasy Sports Trade Association are kicking their lobbying efforts into high gear on a state-by-state basis.

Early reviews claim the newly inked title offers up a pragmatic viewpoint of the fantasy sports industry as a whole and comes across in a fair and balanced way. The book provides insight into the skill versus chance argument, puts a spotlight on the legislative affairs, offers tips to players, and discloses behind the scenes details on FanDuel, DraftKings, and the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

"The advent of daily fantasy sports has created thousands of jobs, raised millions in tax dollars, and has given consumers endless ways to play fantasy sports. Unfortunately, all that may be coming to an end if the government and special interest groups have their way."

Jay Correia, Author

The preface of the book is based on Governor Chris Christie’s quote at the GOP debate last fall where he questioned why the government is talking about fantasy football. The book’s author, Jay Correia, has been involved in numerous business dealings surrounding the fantasy sports industry and is currently serving on the Legislative Affairs Committee for the FSTA. The foreword was written by SiriusXM radio personality, Jeff Mans.

The release of the book was first broke by LegalSportsReport. The book's author is currently scheduling additional interviews with the press with details available on the book’s website,

Source: LegalSportsReport


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