Longitude 6 Selects AMP to Enhance Their Workplace Risk Management and Injury Prevention Ecosystem

The partnership marks AMP's continued expansion in Q1 of 2022 and is their first foray into an International market.

AMP is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership today with Longitude 6, a leader in workplace injury reduction and risk management. The partnership will see AMP deployed to Longitude 6's customers in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the U.S. and further the distribution reach of each organization.  

Longitude 6 was created to change the way organizations think about workplace safety, providing innovative and creative solutions for reducing the impacts and costs of manual handling injuries. Through a blend of best-of-breed technology and services with progressive thought systems, Longitude 6 designs safer working environments for employees.

"We have been looking for a communication and engagement product to support our clients and their employees as they build innovation into their way of creating a safe, injury-free workplace," explains Mark Heaysman, Longitude 6 Founder and CEO. "Whether it is in a fitness for work, pre-employment or a workforce engagement tool, the AMP platform will deliver for our clients. We are thrilled to work with David Nichols and the team at AMP and look forward to providing this technology as part of an aggregated service or a stand-alone product."

AMP provides a proven enterprise-scale solution to healthcare organizations and service providers looking to modernize the way they deliver health and human performance protocols to their customers. By implementing AMP's web and mobile applications, companies can quickly digitize their existing offerings, improve employee engagement, and collect valuable data, empowering them to meet the needs of an evolving market.

"We're honored to work with Longitude 6, who are global leaders in human performance, injury prevention, and proactive care," says AMP CEO David Nichols. "This strategic alignment emphasizes our commitment to supporting industrial athletes and the deskless worker population. Australia is renowned for excellence in the realms of sports science and technology, and we are thrilled to work with Mark and his team to continue that tradition."

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