Macfarlane Moleli Appointed as Chief Executive Officer of ProtectedBy.AI Africa

Moleli, a seasoned investigative journalist who built a career as an ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY activist, will head up the U.S. firm's operations across the African continent

​ProtectedBy.AI welcomes South Africa’s Macfarlane Moleli, who joins ProtectedBy.AI on Nov. 1, 2020, as CEO of the Africa Division. 

ProtectedBy.AI (Reston, Virginia) is a world-leading artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and government systems developer with deep experience in creating solutions for all levels of public and private clients.  

ProtectedBy.AI (Africa) will provide a cutting-edge portfolio of technology and related services to clients across Africa. In doing so, their intention is to create well-paying opportunities by hiring and training Africans to locally staff positions ranging from support staff to data scientists.

“We are excited about our sub-Saharan initiative and thrilled that Macfarlane has agreed to lead what we expect will be a remarkable opportunity to serve the peoples of Africa," says Dr. JT Kostman, Chief Executive of ProtectedBy.AI. 

Brian Gallagher, President of ProtectedBy.AI, was likewise enthused and impressed by MacFarlane's consistent track record of adding value and efforts to create a better life for his fellow Africans by ensuring Accountability and Responsibility. 

Macfarlane spent the last two decades building a reputation as an Accountability & Responsibility Activist and currently anchors Carte Blanche, which is South Africa’s longest-running investigative journalism program, with a history spanning 30 years. Before that, he worked for Kaya FM, SABC3 News,180degrees on SABC News International, and ENCA, Africa’s first and most successful 24-hour news channel. 

ProtectedBy.AI is confident that, with Macfarlane as CEO, Africa will become a global frontrunner in implementing high-tech solutions that improve people’s lives – while creating highly remunerative opportunities for their African teams.

ProtectedBy.AI, founded by Brian J. Gallagher and Dr. JT Kostman, provides a range of AI-augmented solutions in areas that include cybersecurity, data protection, operational improvements, supply-chain management, media monitoring and evaluation, healthcare, and case management. 

Brian J. Gallagher, an international business leader and subject matter expert on disruptive physical and cybersecurity technology, served under U.S. presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. In the corporate sector, Brian was the founder and CEO of Security Advisors International, an advisor and senior consultant to Omnipoynt Solutions, and Vice President of Decision Sciences International Corporation where he was responsible for its global commercial activities. Brian is an appointed member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce National Security Task Force. He received a BA in homeland security from American Military University and an MS in homeland security with a concentration in information security and forensics (cyber) from Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. JT Kostman is a data scientist, mathematician, and psychologist. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in applied artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. JT has advised the U.S. Department of Defense on analytic strategies and led social media analysis for the 2012 Obama campaign. In the corporate sector, he served as chief data officer and a member of the executive committee for Time Inc. and as chief data scientist for Samsung. JT received a Ph.D. in psychology from City University of New York, an MS in psychology from Baruch College and did post-doctoral research on nonlinear Dynamical Systems Theory at Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI). 

The ProtectedBy.AI Advisory Board includes such luminaries as Governor Martin O’Malley (Governor of Maryland), the Honorable Jay M. Cohen (Rear Admiral, United States Navy [Retired]), Hugh Davis (President, Dynata Solutions), and Thomas Siegert, CPA (member of the IEEE Management Council) among its ranks.

Gallagher proudly reflects that the ProtectedBy.AI Advisory Board consists of some of the most elite minds in public and private sector administration, data, and governance, and have been key partners in the significant business’ growth of their clientele. 

ProtectedBy.AI has embarked on an aggressive recruitment strategy to grow its Advisory Board to buttress and drive its strategic push across the African continent.

Media Contact:
Brian Gallagher
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Email: [email protected]

Source: ProtectedBy.AI, Inc.


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