McDan Group of Companies Enters Strategic Alliance With Dream Flights International

This historic moment in the collective history of Mother Africa is joining the African Diaspora and its brethren in the Ivory Coast, more specifically Ghana, for expanded private jet and air cargo services to the continent and the world

McDan Group of Companies

McDan Group of Companies and Dream Flights International announced today that the companies have entered a strategic alliance that will provide private air travel and cargo transports globally. This historic alliance brings an established African American-owned private jet service together with an established Ghanaian partner to become a premier aviation service provider on the continent of Africa. 

Closely following the launch of the brand-new private jet terminal at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, the capital of Ghana, under McDan Private Jet Services, this strategic alliance brings together McDan Group of Companies, a transportation and logistics company, and Dream Flights International, a US-based private aviation company.

Dr. Daniel McKorley, founder and CEO of McDan Group of Companies, stated, "Ghana is opening to the world and executive-level travel services are needed to enhance the experience of doing business in Africa." 

Clients of McDan Private Jet Services will now have access to 4,000 aircraft worldwide across all jet size classes through Dream Flights International Membership Programs. Along with a range of benefits, Dream Flights International will be contributing 10% of its net profits to a Charity, Foundation, or Community Program of the client's choice.

This strategic alliance brings expanded aviation assets to the region for the movement of cargo in support of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. It also supports direct point-to-point, intra-continental and intercontinental for private jet service travel. This will help to reduce travel time between destinations and increase opportunities for trade and transportation on the continent.

Mr. Anthony Thurston, founder and CEO of Dream Flights International, stated, "This strategic alliance is not only the collaboration between two great companies, but a movement positioned to build bridges that fund philanthropic responsibility throughout the world via social innovation."

McDan Group and Dream Flights International Connecting Cultures and Changing the World.

Background information: 

McDan Group of Companies, founded in 1999, is a transportation and logistics company covering diversified business interests such as shipping, logistics and aviation, with a presence in over 2,000 major air and seaports worldwide due to their partnership with Cross Trades & World Cargo Alliance (WCA).

They are the first & only Freight Forwarding Company to obtain the Air Carrier License in handling-chartered cargo flights in Ghana and currently has the GSA for Global Aviation in West Africa. More information:

Dream Flights International, founded in 1999 is a leading private aviation brokerage firm with social innovation at its core, providing end-to-end, transparent, all-inclusive, and fully flexible bespoke jet services, including ground transportation, executive protection, aircraft acquisitions and cargo and commercial leasing.

It utilizes a network of 4,000 pre-qualified aircraft that adhere to safety requirements higher than the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] standard or European Equivalent chartering from 30,000 airports internationally. More information:

Media Contact:

Name: Anthony Thurston

Title: Founder & CEO

Email: [email protected]  


Source: Dream Flights International


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