Me Ki Gai: Book Launch by Serial Entrepreneur Atul Khekade, Aiming for Job Creation and Entrepreneurship for Hard-Hit MSMEs During Economic Crisis

Me Ki Gai, a page-turner fictional novel, authored by serial entrepreneur Atul Khekade, shares the tale of a young man discovering "ikigai," happiness, love, and riches. Ikigai is a Japanese concept about the reason for being.

Me Ki Gai

As the world is battling with mounting job losses and MSME closures, serial entrepreneur Atul Khekade launches his first fiction novel Me Ki Gai, inspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the principles of the Japanese concepts of ikigai and financial intelligence, which may prove relevant in building jobs and saving MSMEs during the economic downturn.

The book is now live for purchase on Amazon Kindle and paperback on Amazon US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, South America at the following URL:

The book is also available in India through the Notion Press website or



Me Ki Gai is a tale of a young man, Parth, whose life is saved by a mystic amongst a crisis in his personal and professional life. Parth sees his life turn around as the mystic guides him through the principles of ikigai and financial intelligence. Krisha joins Parth’s journey to find her ikigai, purpose, and riches.

The principles of ikigai are controversial to centralized industrialization. Ikigai takes into account each individual’s unique skills, gifts, passion, vocation, and then combines it with market needs through the profession. The book comes with inspiration for minds dealing with the negativity spread by the economic crisis. The author believes the economic growth of the future world will be driven by decentralization and localization.

Me Ki Gai is authored by Atul Khekade, a first-generation serial entrepreneur with the current role as the Co-Founder of and XDC.Network, which aims to connect 450 million MSMEs with alternative asset investors through decentralized finance or DeFi powered by Blockchain technology. The fully diluted net worth of XDC Network is around 150 million US Dollars. Atul has previously set up successful companies in Fintech, Aviation, and the education industry and was also featured on Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Atul is born in India and is a resident of Singapore.

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