Melody Wolfe's The Godmother Being Considered for Adaptation to Big Screen by Hollywood Producers

​Internationally acclaimed author Melody Wolfe has just released her latest work, The Godmother, for readers worldwide. This, Wolfe's first novel, is already creating a buzz in Hollywood and is being considered for an adaptation into a major motion picture epic! The Godmother tells the tale of the original Sprytown Trio, a group of three life-long friends who have managed to maintain their relationship to one another despite unrelenting challenges and heartaches. The love story is so compelling that some have compared it to that of Jack and Rose from James Cameron's film, Titanic. ​Wolfe asserts that this book is one of a trilogy and has confirmed that she has already begun writing the sequel.

Melody Wolfe is best known for her memoir, ​From a Criminal Mind to the Mind of Christ, ​which earned her four out of five stars on

"I am so excited about beginning a career as a fiction novelist," admits Wolfe, a leading member of Living Hope Community Church. "I wrote this book as a tribute to my two friends from my hometown of Spryfield. As I grew up, I would watch these guys in the news and I always admired them from afar. Now I have the opportunity to honor them with a classic work of fiction that while in all likelihood make it to big screen. I just pray that I've made them proud."

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