Mind Body Solutions, a Las Vegas Mental Health Clinic, Offers Same-Day Service in a Time of Wait-Lists

Mind Body Solutions, a full-service psychiatric and pain management practice, offers a wide range of mental health assistance for patients.

Mind Body Solutions

​According to findings from the organization, Mental Health America, 1 in 5 adults currently deal with one or more types of mental illness. No matter the person or their station in life; chances are they've have had at least some experience with mental health issues. They may have endured a period of depression or known a friend who has trouble with social anxiety. Possibly, they have had a relative suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, or a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. They might even know one of many veterans who battle Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Whatever the case, every American almost certainly has been, will be, or currently is, involved with mental health care in some capacity.

Unfortunately, the system set in place to assist those with mental illness is far from perfect and faces challenges from many directions. Getting proper care is nearly always a treacherous hill to climb, and if residing in Nevada, that hill is the steepest in the nation. Nevada has been in a state of emergency for many years when it comes to mental health care, and Mental Health America’s 2016 State of Mental Health Report ranks Nevada dead last in ability to provide that care.

In 2014, Governor Brian Sandoval created the Behavioral Health and Wellness Council to research methods to improve their system. In 2016, he closed the council after implementing some of its findings. Some improvement occurred, credited mostly to "more money from Medicare and the expansion of people on Medicaid from the Affordable Health Care Act."

​However, according to a February 2017 article from the Reno Gazette-Journal, Governor Sandoval is set to cut $20 million and 112 jobs from the mental health budget, reasoning that the increased funding from Medicare and percentage of individuals on Medicaid will lead to the mentally ill finding help in private hospitals. With the proposed federal cuts to Medicaid, this move could set the state of Nevada mental health care back to pre-2014 levels, or worse.

Las Vegas, in turn, is one of the very worst major cities in which to find care and treatment for mental health issues. The situation is frightening for both those suffering from mental illness and their loved ones. With this in mind, one Las Vegas clinic has set out to fill the void left by state and federal services. Mind Body Solutions is a full-service psychiatric and pain management practice, offering a wide range of mental health assistance for patients in the metro area, including individual and family therapy, case management, behavioral skills training, and psycho-social rehabilitation.

Ryan Linden, the clinic's business manager, recently provided insight into Vegas's predicament.

"Nevada has an extreme shortage of providers of mental health care. There's no infrastructure to provide transportation for psychiatric patients, not enough psychiatric hospitals or outpatient clinics, and the ratio of psychiatrists to residents is something like 7 for every 100,000 people."

In a city where many of the patients seeking treatment for their mental health are placed on lengthy wait-lists, Mind Body Solutions offers same-day care.

"We're here to solve the problem of access-to-care," Linden says. "If you call us, we'll get you in to see a provider that day. For those without a way to get to us, we provide free round-trip transportation. We have staff available that can help sign you up for Medicaid or other services, and if you don't have a permanent residence, we will accept your mail for you. Our goal is to remove all the unreasonable barriers to your care, and get you treated and back to living your life."

With dwindling government services and support likely, Nevada's situation may be desperate and growing worse, and many of the state's residents will be forced to endure long waits, increased costs, and fewer options in general for their mental health treatment. However, for the people of Las Vegas, the providers and staff at Mind Body Solutions are dedicated to delivering excellent care to those who need it most. Only a combined, concerted effort at the federal, state and local level will be enough to reverse the crisis in Nevada, but in a time of shortage and uncertainty, same-day service and free round-trip transportation go a long way toward ensuring that Nevadans get the help they deserve.

About Mind Body Solutions 
Mind Body Solutions, located just south of Sahara at 2275 S. Jones Blvd. and its owners believe in a holistic approach to pain management, by treating both the body and the mind, which they relate was the inspiration for the name of their practice. Through their efforts, they hope to provide lasting relief from not simply pain, but from addiction and the wide-ranging negative impacts, dependence can inflict on an individual and their families. America's struggle to overcome the opioid epidemic is far from over, but thanks to the work of government initiatives, charitable organizations, and healthcare providers like Mind Body Solutions, progress is being made.   

To make an appointment you can call (702) 384-2238 or Contact them online at http://www.mindbodynv.com/contact.

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