Mom and Award-Winning Art Director for Major TV Networks Uses Her Talent to Calm Down Her Son, Develops App to Help Parents Build a Success Mindset for Their Kids

Thousands have downloaded Aleloop's Calm Down Stories app to reduce screen time, provoke creativity and go beyond the fun to discover a world of "enterTRAINment"

Aleloop's Calm Down Stories app

The world-wide pandemic has stretched parent's time and patience thin; parents were faced with the dilemma of exposing their kids to mindless entertainment while they juggled between working at home and taking care of their kids full time. This period has also forced many to think outside the box and find creative solutions. One such creative mom is Alejandra Leibovich, a successful entrepreneur, author and artist with a vast career in design, animation and software development, who in the midst of her frustration found a way to utilize her talents to calm down her son while opening his mind to a world of endless potential. This is how Aleloop's Calm Down Stories app began.

The app, which has already been downloaded by a few thousand parents, features a set of stories created and captured as they were narrated live by Alejandra, who chose to inject within the stories a mindset of success, decision-making habits and a world of "what if?" possibilities.

"It is surprising how well other parents are receiving the Calm Down Stories app," said Leibovich as she added, "these stories helped strengthen the bond between my son and I, and to see and hear that it is igniting a similar reaction in many families, makes our hard work so rewarding."

Incredible as it may sound, none of them have been written before; they are improvised, narrated and recorded on the go. These stories are homemade, using the power of the spoken word to keep the listener in a state of constant expectation. Alejandra came up with over 300 stories that later became a staple at nighttime and wake-up time, yet these will be incorporated into the app gradually as special effects and music are added. The current compilation available on the app is a combination of art, music and witty storylines that does more than entertain to "enterTRAIN" our kids to live purposely and face the world with courage and creativity.

A direct result of using the Calm Down Stories app is that screen time is reduced, as it takes parents and kids through an adventure to have next-level conversations while having lots of fun, The app also offers a printable "Calma Kit", an activity booklet designed by Alejandra where kids get to know the characters and learn more about their adventures.

To download the app, simply visit the App Store or Google Play today, and to learn more about Calm Down Stories, its creator or the Aleloop universe, you may visit and

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