Monsido Enhances Platform With Automated Accessibility Testing for WCAG 2.2

Enables compliance with upcoming web accessibility standards

Monsido announces automated accessibility testing for WCAG 2.2

Monsido, a leader in digital governance solutions that enhance user experience, today announced that the latest draft version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 is available as testing criteria within the Monsido platform. This will enable organizations to ensure their sites are compliant before the regulation goes into effect.

More than one billion people utilize accessibility features to navigate the internet and the WCAG are recognized as the global standard for improving website accessibility. With more and more essential services online, it is critical that every visitor can access the information. The new criteria focus on improving accessibility for users with cognitive or learning disabilities and low vision and improving the user experience on mobile devices.

"Monsido is committed to helping organizations deliver a positive website experience for every visitor," said Jacob Riff, COO, Monsido. "By adding the WCAG 2.2 criteria to our platform, customers can ensure their digital properties are compliant well in advance of any future regulation deadline."

The Monsido platform provides a comprehensive approach to adhering to the latest WCAG 2.2 standards. The automated accessibility testing checks the website against all the criteria and then provides a dashboard highlighting any issues and how they can be fixed to ensure compliance.

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