Montessori Preschool Franchise Seeks to Be Disruptive in Texas

At a popular Franchise EXPO in Houston, last week, a preschool Montessori franchise jumped out of its headquarters in South Florida, and launched full force in the Texas market. The Montessori League Academy positions to be a “disruptive” franchise business, by offering its franchisees the opportunity to own a Montessori preschool franchise, starting at $350,000, instead of the usual hefty $1 to $4 million, by strategically making Montessori a uniquely duplicable platform, and by structuring their and fee and support in a creative program.

The franchise further offers to disrupt the existing preschool industry paradigm by calling out the established Montessori schools for not being pure and authentic, by pointing out that most Montessori schools are just “Montessori inspired”. The Montessori League Academy makes this claim based on the fact the founder’s mentor’s personal teacher was Maria Montessori’s granddaughter, herself; and the fact that the school’s Director, Salma Ajani, holds a (rare) Masters degree in Montessori.

Chris Conner, president of the Franchise Marketing Systems, one of the biggest franchise development firms in the country, has this to say about the Montessori League Academy, “What Montessori League’s management team has done is incorporate business systems, processes and technology into the Montessori market segment to create a scalable and duplicable business platform. There is more potential today than ever before in education with family’s willingness to invest in their children’s well being and development, Montessori League Academy is poised to benefit from this enormous market demand.” The Montessori League Academy franchise plans to open only ten in Texas; four in the Houston area, four in the Dallas area, and two in Austin.

About Montessori League Academy

Montessori League Academy strives to make it possible to own a Montessori preschool franchise at the lowest cost and at the lowest risk achievable. The goal is to train and support the franchisee so that not only is the business successful, but also the children they serve are successful, as well. Montessori is an independent and prepared environment, to raise the children’s natural curiosity of learning, and to invoke a love of learning, which stays with them for lifetime. Montessori League Academy is based out of South Florida, and follows the teachings of Maria Montessori, a legacy since 1907.


Shaun Ajani, Business Director
Personal Direct: 786.877.9209

Source: Montessori League Academy


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