Mood Messenger Analyses the Use of Trump and Biden Emojis to Predict Who Will Win the 2020 Presidential Elections

Emojis U.S. presidential election 2020

For this year's U.S. presidential elections, the SMS Mood messenger application released new emojis with Trump and Biden candidates.

By tracking the number of "Positive" and "Negative" emojis, sent by its 1 million American users, Mood Messenger was able to identify who was the favorite candidate in several states. For example, "Trump Love, Trump Cool or Biden Sad..." emojis favors Donald Trump while "Biden Love, Biden Happy or Trump Grumpy" emojis favors Joe Biden.

A report to be considered with humor and without too much seriousness, of course.


Source: Mood Messenger


Categories: Politics

Tags: biden, democrat, politics, republican, trump

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