Mpowered Health Launches Price Transparency Solution for Health Plans and Providers to Comply With CMS 9915-F Mandate

Mpowered Health's CMS ONC Compliance platform now supports compliance to both Price Transparency (9915-F) and Patient Access (9115-F) mandates

CMS 9915-F Price Transparency Solution

Mpowered Health, a healthcare marketplace, today announced that its platform now provides compliance support for Price Transparency (CMS 9915-F mandate) in time for the 2022 enforcement deadlines. The platform, which already supports compliance for 9115-F Patient Access mandates, will now enable all health plans to publicly disclose via APIs the rates they pay healthcare providers for shoppable healthcare services, and providers to disclose the rates for all their healthcare services.

Enforcement of the CMS 9915-F Price Transparency mandate will enable consumers to get accurate cost-sharing estimates of healthcare services from different providers and shop and compare healthcare costs before receiving care.

Mpowered Health's Price Transparency solution helps payers and providers meet compliance requirements, including real-time, personalized cost estimates sharing through three machine-readable files: In-Network Rate File, Allowed Amount File and Prescription Drug File. 

"The CMS 9915-F is a watershed mandate intended to empower consumers by making it easy for them to understand and compare healthcare costs," says Nandini Devi, founder and CEO, Mpowered Health. "Supporting Price Transparency and Patient Access compliance on a single platform reduces compliance burden for health plans and providers. We plan to extend support for future CMS ONC mandates including the Prior Authorization mandate (9123-F) on the same platform. On the consumer side, the solution empowers consumers to conveniently compare costs across services and make informed decisions about their healthcare."

Mpowered Health is a rapidly growing healthcare marketplace that provides a convenient platform for healthcare organizations to acquire, engage and retain consumers while giving consumers a voice, the transparency, the choice, the access and the convenience they need to manage their own and their family's health care from birth to end-of-life.

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Mpowered Health is a consumer-driven healthcare technology company committed to creating a better healthcare experience for consumers and healthcare enterprises. The California-based company empowers consumers to take charge of their healthcare by providing mobile-led solutions that improve transparency, choice, access and convenience. The company, in recognizing that consumer empowerment cannot be a zero-sum game, provides enterprise solutions in compliance, consumer acquisition & engagement to enable healthcare organizations to serve their consumers more effectively and achieve their organizational goals.

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Mpowered Health is a consumer-driven healthcare technology company committed to creating a better healthcare experience for consumers and enterprises.

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