Much Needed Relief for Moms This Mother's Day: Mother's Little Fanny Pack Helper

Fun Mom Band wants moms to feel seen with Mom's Fanny, a fanny pack that lightens the mother load and inspires confidence and fun

Mom's Fanny pack with Fun Mom Band lady flask and pillbox

Fun Mom Band, a women-owned startup, announces the launch of Mom's Fanny, a fanny pack designed and built as tough as motherhood. Stocked with a lady flask and pillbox, Mom's Fanny sets moms up to rock their day.

Mom's Fanny supports domestic manufacturing and is produced in the mountains of North Carolina. It's made of classic durable denim with leather accents and a strap built for tough jobs like making parachutes or parenting.

Mom's Fanny Essential Bundle with a lady flask and a pillbox retails for $80 and is available for preorder at, with packs shipping in early May. Other pack options:

Just the Pack, Ma'am: Mom's Fanny pack for $68.

Mom's Fanny Essential Bundle with Pin Joy, which comes stocked with a lady flask, a pillbox, and a choice of pin for $85.

About Fun Mom Band
Fun Mom Band is a scrappy women-owned startup whose mission is to make moms feel seen and to foster joy and levity in pandemic-era parenting times. Its origin story is a pandemic puppet musical about Zoom school mom rage from the voices of swearing, fed-up puppet moms. Fun Mom Band received an NC IDEA Micro Grant in the Fall of 2021 and a Durham Arts Council Artist Support Grant for 2021-2022.

Source: Fun Mom Band


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