Nanolab Technologies Boosts Instrument Capacity to Become World's Largest Independent Microscopy Lab

Customers applaud 24 hour, 7 day Customer support infrastructure and staffing completion

Nanolab Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab has completed its current round of investment in new analytical instruments, making it the largest independent advanced microscopy lab in the world.

"This is a significant step for us," said Nanolab President and CEO John Traub, "and greatly increases our capacity to provide extremely high-resolution microscopy to our clients in the semiconductor, solar and advanced manufacturing industries. No other lab even comes close to matching our analytical arsenal or the company's ability to provide 7 day service support."

Nanolab now has (14) Dual-Beam FIB/SEMs, (6) Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM), including a new Probe-Corrected FEI Titan TEM and a new JEOL XHR 2100F TEM/STEM, (4) Magellan/Verios Extreme High-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopes (XHRSEM/STEM), Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) to develop exotic coatings for improved contrast, and a host of ancillary support instruments.

Throughout this multiyear expansion, Nanolab has focused on optimizing the performance of each instrument and integrating with its state-of-the-art lab operations to meet its customers' capacity and technology requirement.

"The additional analytical equipment is only one part of the picture," added Mr. Traub. "Our scientists and engineers have strong material science expertise. They provide valuable insights to our customers, and have developed the ground-breaking techniques that make Nanolab the leader in high-volume, cost-effective analytical services."

About Nanolab Technologies
Nanolab Technologies provides knowledge-based analytical services for advanced microscopy, chemical analysis, electrical failure analysis, materials analysis, FIB circuit edit, and defect analysis to the semiconductor, solar, MEMS, LED, medical device and other high-technologies industries. A private, employee-owned company, Nanolab Technologies designed and occupies a 48,000-square-foot, advanced laboratory in Silicon Valley to meet the requirements of current and future technology. 


John Traub, Nanolab Technologies


Source: Nanolab Technologies


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