Nes Italia Ltd Launches SmartQsine, the New Iot Frontier to Remotely Monitor Pantries

Nes Italia engineers have developed a system that will allow everybody to easily and remotely check out inventories, whether they are in a kitchen or a factory. 

The system is comprised of several small pads where the user will place the goods that he wants to monitor, and an associated Smart-phone application will tell when he  is about to run out of something.

These pads communicate in the background with the application, and continuously update it about the amount of the good that is placed on every pad, in comparison to its full value.

When the user is on the street, he can reach out to the application, and know if a certain item needs to be bought. The application can be set to alert if a good is below a certain value, or to automatically notify a third party to purchase or refill the items in the pantry.

The product has been launched at CES2015 in January, and a crowd-funding campaign is now live on Indiegogo  in order to sustain the tooling cost and start the production.

The Pads will come in 2 flavours, named respectively "Gold" and "Silver", and the cost will range between $25 and $39 each. The Application will be free.

"We believe that SmartQsine will represent the first step towards an easier management of pantries, both for a house and a professional setup, and will open the door to a new generation of vending machines".

More information is available on SmartQsine project website (, by email ([email protected]), as well as on their Indiegogo page (


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