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"Today the world is experiencing radical change," explains Neutrino Energy CEO, Holger Thorsten Schubart.

Holger Thorsten Schubart

​​​Neutrino Energy Group CEO, Holger Thorsten Schubart, discusses the changes taking place in today's world in regards to technology and energy.

Today the world is experiencing radical change. Old behavioral patterns, old values and old ways of thinking are being challenged mercilessly. Many people are able to perceive this phenomenon, but fewer are in a position to understand the ramifications of the changes taking place around them.

Looking back, we typically divide our history into eras. We don’t do this merely in order to systematize the past; no, by doing so we also mark the points in time where especially significant phases of development began. Each of our culture’s historical phases is determined and upheld by society’s respective level of productivity. Economic and social globalization, the Internet, climate change, fake news, electro mobility, and Neutrino® Energy are all concepts that indicate specific developmental processes, and they are by no means isolated from one another. Instead, they intersect and influence each other from within the society where they originated. Such moments of interaction are exceedingly valuable, as they present us with the possibility of new combinations and the birth of entirely new forces. On the other hand, these moments are also fraught with friction and intense struggle, followed by change.

The automobile industry in Germany and in the rest of the world is presently in the process of writing an exciting film script. At times it appears to be a horror movie, at other times a love story; no one is really sure how it’s going to end, but everyone wants to be a contributor. This is, of course, a metaphor, but by extending it we can gain an insight into both the problem faced by the automobile industry as well as the solution: In recent years the technical methods employed in filmmaking have changed dramatically, but many are still using to the script lines of past years quite effectively. Essentially, old materials and techniques are being successfully supplemented with new approaches. For example, celluloid is no longer the only medium with which to capture motion. Nevertheless, none of the changes in way films are made has led to the canceling of the Oscar Awards. Movies are still around, not to mention the actors. From a consumer perspective, the actual changes behind the scenes are secondary as long as the final product delivers a satisfying experience. Here, the old and the new are obviously able to coexist without detriment to the end result, and only by following this example will automobile manufacturers be able to meet the challenges of the future. It requires competence and vision to openly address the drawbacks of old ways of thinking and to encourage new perspectives, and only by doing so will there be a chance for a “happy ending”.

There are indications in all branches of science and technology that old successes are the forerunners of future innovation. Nothing remains as it is. Imagining, designing, discarding, attempting, failures and new starts all serve the process of progress. No one knows which form of energy will replace the internal combustion engine or conventional heating methods reliant upon fossil fuels: Availability, feasibility, user acceptance, the ability to maintain mobility in the 21st century, cost considerations, and the ever-present worries about the impact on the climate will all play a role in shaping what’s to come.

Right now extensive research is being done in the field of electro mobility. Viable alternatives are also being sought, and the first results are promising. Each of the possibilities needs to be investigated, even though it appears that there will not ultimately be one single solution that supersedes all others, as was the case in the 20th century. Research laboratories of countless firms are proceeding meticulously true to the motto: “The automobile is dead. Long live the automobile.”

Those willing to invest in alternative technology are becoming more and more numerous. The financial breeding ground for change has reached immense proportions, and this trend has led to an overall acceleration in the speed with which new technology must reach production. Progress starts in the mind. The stock market is then in a position to lend its assistance. There is not only talk of super batteries for electric automobiles. Much research is also being done in the related fields of energy supply, charging technology, the optimization of energy use and even self-driving vehicles. Many of the companies taking part in this research are working alone. The numerous challenges that must be met in order to make electro mobility a reality are not of a regional, but rather a global nature, and they will bring about a host of further changes.

On the other hand, there is very little discernable innovation to be seen in the area of energy production. Here it seems that the world is still obsessed with the idea of producing electricity centrally in huge quantities using environmentally harmful methods and then distributing it to each individual end customer at a tremendous cost. Energy is one of the major concerns of our society, and it should be produced and provided at the location where it is needed. Moreover, the method of production needs to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Nothing else makes sense from an economic or an ecological standpoint, and yet existing power grids are still being expanded and new ones built. The main concern here seems to be not the best method of distributing electric power, but rather of upholding the status quo and supplying the energy cartel with new contracts.

At some point the winds of change will make a new course necessary, and the stock market will be a major factor in this development. Solutions to the present problem are already available, and their realization is merely a question of backing capital and manpower.

Change will come, and it will affect society as a whole. It will affect our thinking, our methods of production, our culture and each of us as an individual, as well as the approaches we use to solve the problem of satisfying our energy needs. Only by reinventing ourselves will we be able to meet the challenges of the future. Energy will continue to be a concern, but alternative sources such as neutrino energy will open up entirely new possibilities in the methods of use and production. Let’s start thinking about the world of the future today; a world in which unlimited electrical energy is affordable and available to everyone. This could eliminate many of the major causes of past and present conflicts. It may take a few decades to reach this goal, but the future can’t be stopped. And it should be obvious to everyone that the international team of researchers presently working on tapping the energy of the future and helping our society to take the next step in the electric age has two very strong allies: time and the sun.

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