New ACT & SAT Test Prep Book Teaches Easy Reading Comprehension System, Captures Common Sense Standardized Test Tips

'RAOR' Technique Boosts Reading Retention and Understanding for Upcoming SAT & ACT Tests

'Annihilate the ACT & Subjugate the SAT: The Easy New Way to Read, Annotate & Dominate Texts'

​​​​​Tree Falls Productions announces the new test prep book Annihilate the ACT & Subjugate the SAT: The Easy New Way to Read, Annotate & Dominate Texts. The book shares a clear, concise method for reading comprehension on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, and with any high school, college, and work texts. The Repetitions and Opposites Reading technique, RAOR, is a simple system to track and summarize the thesis, especially if the reading is dull, dense, or archaic. Using simple recaps and annotations, RAOR provides easy hand-holds to power through passages and retain key points on the ACT, SAT, and in any reading.

Parents, grandparents, and caregivers can sample and buy the book at to help learners prepare for upcoming tests:

  • SAT: March 14, May 2, June 6
  • ACT: April 4, June 13, July 18
  • AP English

Annihilate the ACT & Subjugate the SAT also shares effective tips and tactics to tackle timed tests, gleaned from decades in the test prep trenches. Author and educator Karin McKie, MFA, has helped hundreds of students improve reading comprehension, which translates into higher SAT, ACT, AP, GRE, and ISEE test scores, plus better grades in all STEM and STEAM subject areas.

Annihilate the ACT & Subjugate the SAT can also be implemented over the summer when learners likely have more free time to focus on test prep. “I want to share the easy, effective reading strategies I created and have taught almost daily for over a decade with as many as possible,” says McKie. “Reading comprehension is foundational for everyday communication. Increased literacy helps learners enter dream schools and land desired positions. Reading appreciation and fluency provides accomplishment and confidence.”​

“As a Global Technology Initiative scholar in China and Taiwan, I’ve seen the easy reading system in RAOR help with Asian and South Asian students, including from China, India and other English language learners,” McKie adds. “After the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions scandal, I’m even more motivated to share these skills with students to matriculate on their own merits.”

McKie’s students achieve measurable results. Test prep student Tara said, “Karin’s tips and tricks are unlike anything I have learned online, from test prep books and other tutoring services. She was able to greatly improve my score.”

McKie is a lifelong educator with degrees in communications, creative writing and improvisation. She’s also taken classes at Stanford, Northwestern and DePaul. She writes for, and and has received Chicago Dramatists and Philadelphia Writers Conference writing scholarships. 

Contact: Tree Falls Productions,, 773-458-0581

Source: Tree Falls Productions


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