New Ebook Blows The Lid Off Online Scams

This bold new ebook takes a stand for honest affiliate and online marketing.

Successful writer and online marketer Marige O'Brien, has just released her latest ebook, "Scam Alert: The Ultimate Scam-Busters Guidebook" which promises to slow down, if not stop, the proliferation of online scams.

In each of its 11 chapters, Scam Alert, discects one type of online scam or another, pulling the sheepskin off the wolf, to reveal how scammers operate. Even more, she explains in detail what to watch out for and how to recognise a scam. "Scams typically work hard to appear as legitimate as possible, so that even those who think they can spot a scam fall for their tactics," she writes. She explains how to look past the window-dressing to discern whether a program is a genuine opportunity or just another "wolf in sheep's clothing."

Besides explaining the most common scams such as ponzi's and pyramids, she digs deep to explore team scams, work-at-home scams, PTC scams and much more. With the economic down-turn, scams have proliferated, taking advantage of many needy, but unsuspecting people.

"There are many, many good and reputable programs available," she insists, "but they are hidden in a stack full of scams."

In fact, she sites these programs as one motivation for writing Scam Alert: Because the scams not only steal from the individual but, by association, they denigrate all online opportunities and hurt even honest programs and the marketers that are loyal to them.

This is Marige's third ebook, following her popular "Writing For The Internet" (2008) and "Tracker Mo's Bootcamp" (2007). To learn more about Scam Alert, and Marige's other work, visit her home page. She plans to focus primarily on writing ebooks from now on and is already planning the release of her next title.


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