New Medical ID Company Charms Kids And Adults Alike


With high-tech advances in patient care comes a critical question: how can we use technological breakthroughs to eliminate medical mistakes and provide better medical information during emergencies? One responsive business has a promising answer. MY ID SQUARE introduces an innovative line of medical jewelry poised to revolutionize the use of technology in the interest of saving lives.

My ID Square's colorful and customizable bracelets and dog tags--the first in a series of anticipated products--utilize Quick Response (QR) codes and URLs that link directly to online emergency medical profiles. These profiles are maintained by users and include vital information on allergies, chronic conditions, physicians and emergency contacts. My ID Square's innovative technology can automatically alert emergency contacts via text messages and email when an ID, known as a SquID, is scanned. Another product, the MedAll, provides a quick and easy visual alert to patients' allergies and medical conditions.

The products and mission of My ID Square have generated considerable early buzz among medical professionals and national associations for children with chronic conditions. Joel Glickman, M.D., nephrologist and Professor of Clinical Medicine, views My ID Square as "a revolution in the way doctors, nurses, and EMTs interact with patients. This will save lives and improve the efficiency of medical care."

My ID Square conceived its products in collaboration with EMTs, doctors, jewelers, and consumers to be easily recognized by responders, 95% of whom look for medical ID tags. They're developed with safety in mind but do not compromise on design. Instead, they offer colorful and interchangeable accessories that everyone--tweens to seniors--will want to wear, intended to replace the old-fashioned dog tags and clunky chain bracelets of the past. Product pricing includes a life-time subscription to an online medical profile and the company is offering free shipping in the USA and Canada. Visit for more information.


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