New Online Autism Magazine Provides Solutions for Teachers and Parents

Free publication gives autism teachers, student teachers, parents and administrators a new tool in the process of educating students with autism. has launched a new online magazine for teachers, administrators, and parents that provides practical solutions and information about teaching students with autism and other special needs. Due to the continuous increase in students with autism in school systems and the decrease in funding for many programs, the need for professional development and peer guidance for those teaching children with autism is present like never before. Teachers and administrators are searching for unique and creative methods to fill this this need. The online publication, Autism Classroom Magazine, provides them with solutions on a monthly basis.

In today's economy, parents, administrators and teachers continue to strive to provide the best education for their student, while obtaining supports that are practical and economical. Autism Classroom Magazine realizes this is a reality for many, and offers the magazine at no cost to the reader. School systems that are located in areas where access to training in the area of autism is limited, or where the cost of sending employees to trainings is too much, can still benefit from this publication via the internet.

Parents won't be disappointed either. In this free online publication, each issue has "The Home Link,"and the "Parenting Autism" column, dedicated to parenting topics. Babysitters even get their own spot in the mix with the monthly "Baby Sitting Tips for Watching Children with Autism" section. "We know that reliable childcare is a difficult service for many parents to find. This section is for those who currently babysit or are beginning to sit for a child with autism, by giving them questions to ask before sitting, strategies for challenging behaviors and ideas for playing and communicating with the child," said Linton, editor of the magazine and owner of the website.

The magazine is a support that many professionals have been searching for. The contents of the publication are useful for all Special Educators, not just those teaching students with autism. "In the June 2010 issue, we have an article about teaching students with Asperger's Syndrome. There's also an article about creating a classroom on a budget, which could be helpful for anyone in this economy," says Linton. Each issue has a focus on teacher-specific needs in the classroom and a "Consultation Station" section in which a problem is presented and a solution is provided. Additionally, there are links to products, websites and services useful to educators.

Autism Classroom has already reached many classroom teams and parents with the "How to Set Up a Classroom for Students with Autism" and the "How to Set Up a Work Area at Home for a Child with Autism" book. Linton added, "We wanted to take it a step further and provide a monthly support for those out in the trenches." It seems they have.


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