New Self-Service Kiosk for Family Entertainment Centers

Active8 Software, a leading point of sale service provider for trampoline parks and similar entertainment centers, announces the release of their new self-service kiosk.

Active8 Software has announced the release of their new self-service kiosk. The software company, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, stated that the kiosk is set to hit the market later this year and will be the first fully functional kiosk available to trampoline parks and similar family entertainment centers.

A rise in self-service processes across all consumer industries led the point of sale software company to develop a kiosk that would allow guests at entertainment centers, like trampoline parks, Ninja Warrior gyms and climbing gyms, to complete waivers, purchase tickets and even check-in at birthday parties. 

The CEO of Active8 Software, Greg Spittle, commented that similar kiosks currently available to the family entertainment industry haven’t lived up to the expectations of entertainment center operators and their customers. He explained that the Active8 self-service kiosk will provide a balance between the automation that entertainment center operators want, while at the same time ensuring that the venues customers are receiving an excellent end-user experience.

“Our kiosk is designed as an all-in-one solution that completes the entire workflow.” Greg went on to say, “We not only automated ticket purchasing and ticket assignments, but we also added a seamless birthday party check-in process that can be completed by the guest at the kiosk.”

Greg explained that birthday parties account for up to 50% of weekend traffic at family entertainment centers and that automating birthday party check-ins is key to helping venues reduce wait time and improve customer satisfaction on their busiest days.

Anyone interested in learning more about the new Active8 self-service kiosk can call 888-500-2618.

Active8 will also have a live demonstration of their new self-service kiosk at the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) Conference & Trade Show, September 23-25, 2019, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

About Active8 Software

Launched in 2016, Active8 Software is the only purpose-built point of sale software solution designed to accommodate the unique processes of trampoline parks, climbing gyms, ninja warrior gyms, and similar family entertainment venues. Their all-in-one system offers a full suite of features, including recurring memberships, ticketing, point of sale, CRM, party management, waivers, gift cards, employee scheduling and more. This is the first, true all-in-one, modern cloud-based system available to the family entertainment industry.

Additional information on Active8 Software can be found on their website or by calling 888-500-2618.

Media Contact
​Greg Spittle
​Email: [email protected]
​Phone: 888-500-2618

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