New Webcomic Takes Readers Into The Blue Yonder

A new webcomic gives a street-eye view to a superhero used to the bird's eye view.

Can a superhero born into a world of fantastic gadgets, secret lairs and out-of-this-world adventures make a difference in the streets?

That's the question the new webcomic "Blue Yonder" will ponder when it launches in November. Written by Richard Pulfer and Luke Perks and illustrated by Diego Diaz, the webcomic presents a weekly coming-of-age superhero tale updating every Wednesday from the website

Jared Davenport was born to be a superhero. The son of high-flying crime-fighter Albatross, Jared is used to saving the world before curfew as the sonic superhero Blue Yonder. When a mysterious enemy unleashes a brutal vendetta against the Davenports, Jared finds himself on the run in the back alleys of Venture City, with his only allies the washed-up superheroes dwelling on the other side of the tracks. But the enemy is closer than Jared suspects, and he must learn who he can trust before it's too late.

Aimed at young adults, "Blue Yonder" provides a classic comic book fix every Wednesday, when the webcomic adds another page to the "Blue Yonder" saga. While waiting for the next update, readers can follow Jared Davenport on his Twitter page TrueBlueYonder or even friend him on Facebook. There, the young superhero will provide thoughts and comment on his current situation, as well as respond to questions and comments from the audience.

Whether on the streets of Venture City or the tweets of Twitter, "Blue Yonder" promises readers an exciting mix of action, humor and intrigue - all while ushering a new generation of heroes with a deafening sonic boom.

Comic books and superheroes run just as deep for the creators as they do Blue Yonder. Besides writing reviews for comic news site Broken Frontier, Richard Pulfer is the creator of the horror buddy comedy "Bat & Wolf", while his frequent collaborator Luke Perks is the creator the fantasy webcomic "Hector!" Veteran artist Diego Diaz makes his international debut after a fifteen year career of publishing magazines in Argentina.


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