New Young Adult Novel, THE FLOWER GIRLS, Propels Readers Age 12-16 Into a World Devastated By Global Warming

A Must-Read for Anyone Concerned About the Future of Planet Earth

What will life on Earth be like in the 23rd century if global warming is allowed to go unchecked? Anyone interested in preserving the planet will find a potential answer in Susan Thaler's new young adult novel, THE FLOWER GIRLS (272 pp., CreateSpace, 2013).

In the year 2275, Earth is still reeling from the devastating effects of global warming. Tsunamis have decimated coastal areas worldwide; droughts have turned entire continents into vast, uninhabited wastelands. Domes have been erected above most large cities in the United States in order to protect the population from the polluted atmosphere, but life beneath the dome has become increasingly difficult for 16-year-old triplets Daisy, Rose and Violet Budd.

Daisy, Rose and Violet are viewed as "wasters" by their peers because their parents, Sunellen and Prentiss Budd, have violated the one-child-only law that has become stricter over time. Rumors that Earth is slowly recovering beyond the confines of the dome is causing dissension in the family; should they leave the relative security of the dome to become pioneers? Readers will find out in the breathtaking conclusion of this timely and important book.

Susan Thaler's short stories have appeared in literary publications and in most major national magazines. A native New Yorker who raised her family in New Jersey, she currently resides in Connecticut, in close proximity to Long Island Sound, where she derives serenity and inspiration from the natural beauty of her surroundings.

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