Nonprofit Foundation "Music Movement" Strikes a Chord in the Autism Community

"When words fail, music speaks." This mantra represents the overarching message behind Music Movement, a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation that develops and funds music centric programs to improve and enrich the lives of autistic and special needs children, young adults and their families.

“When words fail, music speaks.” This mantra represents the overarching message behind Music Movement (, a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation that develops and funds music centric programs to improve and enrich the lives of autistic and special needs  children, young adults and their families.

Children and adolescents living with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and other development disorders are found to respond positively to music therapy intervention.  A multitude of benefits including motivation, communication skills, eye contact, behavior and temperaments are often highly improved, especially with early treatments

In many cases, children with ASD are musically gifted, and with the programs provided by organizations like Music Movement, are often able to find their voice and a channel to express themselves.  The astronomical financial strains that these families endure can limit extra therapies and funding for instruments.     

As the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States, autism affects a staggering 1 in every 68 children (1 in 42 boys). Yet, as it stands today, it has no medical detection, no cure, and is the most underfunded disability within this developmental sector. Nonprofit organizations like Music Movement rely on the compassion, hard work and dedication of sponsors, volunteers and partners to create opportunities to help this rapidly growing population.

Stacie Woolf, President and Founder of Music Movement, feels the sense of urgency and a call to action for her organization more than ever. As the momentum continues to build and the foundation transitions into it’s fourth successful year, she believes they are making a positive impact in our local community   Woolf stated “We have been truly blessed to witness our programs unfold and make a meaningful difference.  Music Movement is supported by generous corporate sponsors and individuals that continue to consistently show up.  In 2014 we successfully rolled out a “Founders Club Program” where individuals commit to monthly donations.  We are dedicated to bring awareness in growing our membership as it is proving that a little goes a long way!  Hundreds of children, young adults, families, our military community, and special needs academies have benefited greatly from these donations”.  Music Movement hopes to thrive on this momentum and to ramp up significantly in the coming years through media outreach, partnerships, funding programs and social events.

Music Movement will continue their focus on their partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), where they have provided the mobile recording software to children that are often confined to their rooms during treatments. With this software, the therapist is now able to record the children singing and playing music at their bedside.  Should the child develop an aptitude for an instrument or perhaps recording software of his or her own, Music Movement provides that to the child.  The music therapist utilizes the gift as a motivator and an up lifter.

Most recently, Music Movement has partnered with the ACT Today! Foundation to aid in the development of a music centric program for the military community with children and young adults on the Autism spectrum.  The goals are to bring awareness, provide instruments, learning materials and music therapy lessons as well as overall funding for healthcare needs. 

Bill D’Agostino Jr., Chairman of the Board, believes the foundation can achieve something greater if we work together. “It is my sincere hope that that through my involvement in Music Movement, I can motivate others to utilize their resources to bless the lives of these children and families so that we can watch them achieve goals and reach dreams that only we thought were impossible.”

With much more on the horizon for the foundation, Music Movement has enlisted the help of Kari Willis, CEO of The-E-Factor, to gain more exposure for future programs and upcoming events. Woolf and D’Agostino are excited about the partnership with The-E-Factor to not only increase autism awareness, but to significantly increase their giving and continue to gain support from the community.

If you are interested in learning more about Music Movement and the incredible impact they are making in the Autism community, visit

Woolf sums it up with, “One heart, one voice, and one talent at a time we know music can make a difference.”

About Music Movement, Inc.

Music Movement is a nonprofit foundation, a 501©3 organization focused on providing resources and venues for music education, social integration and creative inspiration for children and young adults with Autism and special needs.

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