Numerade Makes AI Tutoring Platform Free for Students and Educators From Title I Schools During COVID-19 Crisis

Numerade aims to relieve those impacted by the widening education achievement gap due to COVID-19 by providing free educational resources to students and educators from the most in-need schools

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Numerade — a leading education platform founded with the mission to provide equitable access to high-quality STEM instruction — today announced it is offering students and educators from Title I schools unlimited free access to their platform during COVID-19 school closures. Students at Title I schools are at higher risk of falling behind during this period of remote and hybrid learning. Numerade hopes to diminish the impact of school closures by supplementing students' education with AI virtual tutoring utilizing the world’s largest library of educational STEM lesson videos (800,000+).

With Numerade, students receive AI virtual tutoring in the form of engaging video lessons designed to make study time more effective. Working with 20,000+ partner educators including many professors and PhDs from top colleges, Numerade has developed a comprehensive library of lesson videos that help students learn, understand and solve any problem they come across. Using A.I, Numerade is able to surface the correct video for each student’s needs, presenting them with the exact lesson that fits their personal learning journey at every step. Numerade also offers full-length courses that replicate an entire semester of content in specific subjects including SAT test prep.

For educators, Numerade can be used during distance learning to host asynchronous “virtual class.” Relying on only live lessons for distance learning is not ideal, as scheduling and access to technology is not consistent for all students. This is an acute issue among Title I students. Numerade’s "Office Hour" tool allows educators to record daily lessons and assign them to their class to be watched when convenient. Using the platform, educators can track students as they watch lessons, conduct video Q&A with their class, and assign additional videos from Numerade’s library of lessons — saving time and effort.

“We are proud to provide the necessary support for students who face the steepest uphill battle navigating school closures,” said Nhon Ma, CEO and co-founder of Numerade. “The COVID slide is disproportionately impacting lower-income households. It is our hope that through the use of Numerade, students can fill in the holes in their education and excel well beyond the expectation of their zip code.”

The COVID slide is real. Projections made by predict that students could lose anywhere from half to all of their mathematical academic growth from the last year, compared to normal student growth.[1] By some estimates this contraction in knowledge is impacting lower-income students worst. According to McKinsey & Company research, COVID will widen the already gaping achievement gap in American education by 15%-20% for low-income students.[2]  

Press as well as parents, educators and students are encouraged to email James Patrick at [email protected] to learn more and gain free access. 

Source: Numerade


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