OPOC.us Launches Initiative to Help Businesses Improve Their Corporate Culture

The data is clear – a strong and positive corporate culture results in more engaged employees, lower turnover and better outcomes. Companies like Google and Zappos have Chief Culture Officers who focus on building and strengthening the company culture, but what about the local credit union with 50 employees? OPOC.us, a leading strategic planning firm, understands that hiring a Chief Culture Officer simply isn’t financially feasible for a mid-size organization. As a result, the role often unofficially falls on the CEO, who already wears a dozen different hats.

Corporate Culture is too important to let it fall off the radar. That’s why OPOC.us has launched an initiative to fill the role of the Chief Culture Officer for mid-size businesses. The initiative stretched across multiple aspects of the culture, from the recruiting process to setting up internal policies and helping employees live their best lives. With experts focused on each area, OPOC.us develops a custom culture strategy to reflect the specific values of the organization and develop a plan to intentionally build the optimal culture. When employees feel that their employer truly cares about them, they care more about the customer resulting in increased impact.

“If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people do look forward to coming to work in the morning.” – John Mackey, Whole Foods

OPOC.us believes in the power and potential of mid-size businesses and has developed the tools needed to help build a corporate culture where employees are engaged, energized and enthusiastic. With this initiative, OPOC.us will lead businesses on the path to becoming an employer of choice.

OPOC.us is a collaboration of top industry Strategic Planners in the areas of Culture Success, Healthcare and Employee Benefits, Retirement Plan Administration, Risk Management, Business Process Improvement, HRIS Technology, and Branding specializing in the delivery of FORTUNE 500 “One-Point-of-CARE” solutions for mid-sized organizations.

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