Pakistan's Power & Alternative Energy Asia Conference

Asian Green Technology Holdings will be sending a representative to Pakistan for what they perceive as a great opportunity to forge partnerships and uncover opportunities.

Often seen as trailing behind its bigger brothers in the alternative energy sector, China and India, Pakistan is poised to gain tremendous ground in Asia's renewable energy race as they host the 5th Power and Alternative Energy Asia 2011 Exhibition.

With China quickly rising to become the world's leader in both production, and soon consumption of alternative energy and with India not far behind, there is little room for third place in the rapid modernization of Asia's energy sector. While countries including Malaysia, Singapore and even Vietnam have publicly announced initiatives, few have had the medium for a grand showcase to rival Pakistan's Power & Alternative Energy Asia Conference.

Scheduled for 28-30 March 2011 in Kiratchi, the event will serve as a meeting place for power generation, transmission and distribution. Major representatives from numerous alternative fuel sectors such as electric, hydroelectric, thermal, natural gas, nuclear & solar energy will be in attendance. Private corporations, as well as government and multinational bodies representing China, India, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Denmark Germany, UAE and the USA will also be represented.

The parent company organizing the event is in fact a French company, in partnership with Indian and Chinese companies showing that this is a truly Pan-Asian, not just Pakistani, event.

While European and US investors are perusing the booths, one unnamed elephant in the room is the reliability and security of Pakistan's energy infrastructure. With constant border skirmishes and threats of home grown terrorists (like the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks), investors are weary of the financial and ethical ramifications of bringing ideas back to their home corporations. But, if numbers are the primary indication, the US especially is interested heavily in Pakistani built solar panels, wind turbines and other energy catalysts. At the very least to slow down the alternative energy behemoth that is China.

Though Asian Green Technology Holdings will not officially be in attendance, a representative will be in attendance looking for potential partnerships and opportunities.


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