Performing Arts Workshops Providing Grant Assistance for Summer Camps

The Los Angeles-based summer camp will allow up to 1,000 families throughout the nation impacted by COVID-19 to enjoy a week of camp online with half of the tuition sponsored by PAW.

Performing Arts Workshops (PAW) will be providing Summer Camp Assistance Grants to families that have been financially or medically impacted by COVID-19.

The center is the winner of the "Best Summer Camp" in LA Parent Magazine and has provided arts-based summer camps and after-school programs for more than 30 years. This grant will allow up to 1,000 families impacted by the pandemic to enroll their children in a week of the Live Online Summer Camp, with half of the entire tuition sponsored by PAW. Grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

"We wish to do our part as a trusted member of the community and offer support in this time of need," says Cheryl Appleman, President of Performing Arts Workshops. "Kids don't need to have past experience to enjoy our curriculum and participate, it's designed to engage both beginners and seasoned thespians alike."

The grant covers one week of the Full-Day Online Summer Camp and sponsors half of the tuition when the parent matches the remaining $150. Children must be between the ages of 5-14 at the time of attendance, and PAW offers one grant to each child in a family. Camp is available for one-week sessions from June 14 to August 13. More information on the PAW grants can be found at the following link.

PAW allows kids to build daily activities from acting, singing and voice training, dance, guitar, stand-up comedy, magic, cheerleading, theatrical make-up, and debate. The curriculum is designed for a new experience every week, with their acting, singing, and dance teachers drawing inspiration from the most beloved musicals of our time as weekly themes.

"Right now, when it is even more important than ever to ensure kids stay happy, safe, and connected, we're offering the perfect blend of safe social interaction and summer camp activities right from the comfort of home by including Mini Camp Pods for families and trusted friends, where campers get to share the experience, while parents share the value and take turns at home with the Pod," Appleman said. "By participating in camp with one of our PAW Grants or as a Pod, kids can learn, explore, collaborate, and have fun uncovering a new passion or a new way of expression alongside each other." 

To learn more about PAW's Online Summer Camp or to register for camp redeeming a grant, please visit or call (310) 827-8827.

Source: Performing Arts Workshops Education


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Performing Arts Workshops, winner of Best Summer Camp in LA Parent Magazine, is committed to ensuring that all school-aged children are provided the opportunity to experience a quality arts education through affordable after school enrichment and summer camp programming. The development of character and life skills which children can apply to school and beyond is a core principle of our mission. PAW's faculty and staff are dedicated to fostering a safe, non-competitive environment, where children can use the arts as a medium with which to learn communication, compassion, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.