pixiv Celebrates the 16th Anniversary of Its Launch - Over 98 Million Registered Users, With More Than 131 Million Total Posted Works

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pixiv, the communications platform operated by pixiv Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "pixiv", Office: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shingo Kunieda), where users can share illustrations, manga, and novels, celebrated the 16th anniversary of the launch of its service on Sunday, September 10, 2023.

pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net

Since launching the service in 2007, pixiv has gained a cumulative total of more than 98 million registered users over the past 16 years, with the cumulative total of works posted topping 131 million. Thanks to the millions of creators and fans who enjoy sharing their love of creativity on pixiv, the platform has developed into a veritable treasure trove of artistic works. pixiv extends its deep gratitude to everyone who has helped support the platform for 16 years.

The culture and environment surrounding creators and the fans who support them continues to change by the day, based on shifting passions and cultural movements. Going forward, pixiv will continue to strive to build an ever-better platform where all its users can enjoy sharing creative activities together.

Total registered users top 98 million, total works posted top 131 million
On pixiv, users can post illustrations, manga, novels, and ugoira (animated illustrations), and also leave "likes", comments, and reactions on each other's work, or use various forms of communication (messages, etc.) to connect with one another. The number of users active in pixiv's diverse communities have continued to grow, with the number of registered users topping 98 million in 2023. In addition, pixiv allows users to connect across boundaries of region and language, with the number of works posted increasing 10% over the past year, topping 131 million.

Requests submitted tops 170k
pixiv has a "Requests" feature, through which creators can solicit paid commissions from fans and fans can pay creators for their work to support their activities. This feature was released about three years ago to unite creators and fans around themes that they enjoy, as well as further develop pixiv as an exciting space to enjoy creativity. The total number of requests has now topped 170,000, providing creators with new motivation on a daily basis.

pixiv initiatives in the past year
In order to provide an enjoyable experience for all users, pixiv monitors user needs and constantly endeavors to develop improvements to its service. Some of the new major features and improvements pixiv has introduced over the past year include the following:

SUPER pixivEMOOOji Month campaign
Addition of features regulating the use of AI-generated work
ToonScroll manga posting and browsing enabled
・Introduction of Custom Colors for novel covers and a line break feature for cover designs
Introduction of a "reading progress" feature for pixiv novels
・Expansion of the pixivFACTORY self-publishing option for pixiv novels to include series and a higher page count
Introduction of a cover image feature for Request terms
Introduction of a feature allowing requests to be re-sent with specific conditions

■ pixiv Inc. https://www.pixiv.co.jp
Striving to be an exciting space for users to enjoy creative activities, we provide various services to support creators, including pixiv, one of the world's largest art communities; FANBOX, which allows fans to support the activities of their favorite creators; and the 3D project VRoid.

Location: JPR Sendagaya Building 6F, 4-23-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Shingo Kunieda
Business: Internet services
Established: July 25, 2005
Inquiries: Takahashi and Nishidoi
Email: [email protected]

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Striving to be an exciting space for users to enjoy creative activities, we provide various services to support creators, including pixiv, one of the world's largest art communities, FANBOX, encouraging creators' activities, and the 3D project VRoid.