Pledge to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Our care for the environment has lead us to take actions in reducing CO2 emissions with 7000 tons by Earth Day 2016

​​​Although many people do not want to recognize this, the effects of the man-made  pollution from the past 100 years are becoming more and more intense. Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and becoming more destructive, extreme weather, sea level rise and ocean acidification, depletion of the polar ice caps, the extinction of several species of plants and animals and the negative impact on human health are just a small number of consequences that are triggered by global warming.

As part of a global community everybody is affected by every individual action. For that reason, on Earth Day 2015, Ambiflux is supporting the international efforts to reduce greenhouse gases by making a pledge to reduce CO2 emissions with 7000 tons until Earth Day 2016 through its products and actions.

In order to achieve this goal, the aim is to distribute the most efficient LED lighting systems to help industrial and domestic consumers to improve their energy efficiency. An efficient lighting system designed by professionals can help to reduce energy consumption by 70%, which means that CO2 emissions are drastically lower. Within the company, environmentally friendly activities are being engaged, such as selective waste recycling and the use of non-hazardous materials in  production.  Ambiflux is constantly preoccupied with energy efficiency, from the early stages of design the team is looking to optimize every aspect of the products, from the raw materials used and production processes to the usage and recycling efficiency of the products.

Another step taken to achieve this ambitious goal is the collaboration with several non-governmental organizations in order to replace inefficient light sources with LED lighting systems. The company is open to propositions and requests from organizations interested to collaborate on energy efficiency projects.

Ambiflux is confident that by working together, a better and brighter future can be built for this and future generations.

About Electronic Interactiv SRL

Electronic Interactiv SRL, under the Ambiflux Trademark, offers LED lighting solutions that help companies to substantially improve their lighting level and achieve significant savings. It is one of the three Romanian companies that have participated at Light and Building, Frankfurt 2014, the most important lighting fair in the world. Durability, efficiency and collaboration with  partners are the pillars on which Ambiflux was created. The company values quality and put customer's satisfaction above all.

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Bihor county, Romania

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