Pollution, Global Health Concerns Drive Growth of Water and Air Purification Systems, Reports SBI Energy

The global recession has adversely affected growth in the air and water treatment markets, particularly in the consumer segment. Although growth is still occurring, it is at a largely reduced rate.

Air and water are essential to life but are increasingly being stressed from overpopulation, increasing pollution, and wasteful use of resources. Regardless of the country or region, there is polluted air and contaminated water-it is just a matter of degree-and health issues are always an overriding concern and will continue to drive growth in the air and water treatment markets, even if it is at a slower rate than in the pre-recession years during the early 2000s, according to "Water and Air Purification Systems and Products: Residential & Commercial" by SBI Energy.

From 2006 to 2010 the rate of growth in the water treatment market was relatively slow in both the consumer market and business market segments. Through 2015, SBI Energy projects the water treatment market will grow faster as the residential sector increases at a 7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and the industrial/commercial sector increases at a 9% CAGR. The industrial water treatment segment is forecast to drive this market and will exceed $33 billion in global sales by the end of the forecast period, up from an expected $22 billion in 2010. Business expansion will include new plants and facilities as well as improvements to existing ones. Pure water, which is vital to many manufacturing processes and almost all commercial heating and cooling, will require both new water treatment equipment as well as replacement parts, such as filters.

The consumer water treatment market-expected to approach $17 billion in global sales by 2015, up from a projected $12 billion in 2010-will grow slower than the industrial market since businesses are recovering faster than consumers. Unemployment remains high and consumer confidence is low, and it will take some time for the consumer market to fully recover though conditions are improving. Areas of the world where clean, safe water is problematic, but the economies are growing and people are becoming better off financially, are going to drive the consumer market for water treatment. China, India, Indonesia, and many other countries in Asia fit these circumstances. So do countries like Brazil and South Africa. In addition, many consumers perceive water problems to be a health issue and will continue to spend money for water treatment products, albeit at lower price points such as buying a pour-through pitcher with an ACF filter instead of bottled water.

A poor economic environment also slowed the growth of the air treatment market. The consumer market was most severely affected but the industrial market also had its problems. However, concern for health kept the consumer market alive since those with allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems need these products regardless of the economy. They are also more likely to buy higher quality and higher priced products to relieve their symptoms. Those without these health issues were less likely to buy and more likely to buy lower priced products when they did. Many businesses, as usual, needed air treatment products as a requisite for continuing their business operations. As economic conditions improve, the rate of growth in both these markets is expected to increase.

Starting in 2010 the rate of growth in the air treatment market is projected to increase, led by the industrial sector which SBI Energy forecasts will exceed $16 billion in 2015 compared to $11 billion anticipated by the end of 2010. Asia (particularly China and India) and other regions, such as South America, with rapidly expanding economies will see the fastest growth in air treatment products. It is also in these regions where air pollution is greatest, brought on by rapid industrialization, high electric demand necessitating more power plants (many of which use coal), increasing ownership and usage of automobiles, and the growth of modern conveniences such as air conditioning which place further demands on electric power. Growth in the consumer market will also increase but at a much slower rate. An improvement in economic conditions and unemployment will be needed for faster growth in this segment, but SBI Energy forecasts the segment will increase $1 billion between 2010-2015 to exceed $4 billion by the end of the forecast period.

"Water and Air Purification Systems and Products: Residential & Commercial" presents an in-depth analysis of the development, applications, products, technologies, manufacturers, and trends for products that help make indoor air cleaner and healthier and water purer, both for consumer usage as well as industrial and commercial applications. For more information, please visit: http://www.sbireports.com/Water-Air-Purification-2809842/.


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