Launches 'Meditative Prayers' Podcast Hosted by Father-Son Duo, Dr. Tim and Zach Clinton

New Series Underscores Christian Meditation as Integral to Focused Spiritual Life

Meditative Prayers logo, the No. 1 app for prayer and faith-based content, is excited to announce the launch of "Meditative Prayers" with Dr. Tim and Zach Clinton, focused on combating common struggles, including mental health and relationship issues, with meditative prayer. The Clintons encourage listeners to join them for these meditative prayers that will "help you step out of the pit you may find yourself in and into the purpose and potential God has prepared for your life."  

Mental Health issues are rampant among all sectors of society - including people of devout faith - and come in a variety of forms and degrees. And while one in five adults in the United States live with a mental illness, many do not receive the care they need. Studies have shown that prayer can be helpful with mental health issues, especially conditions such as mild stress or anxiety that aren't categorized as serious mental illness. This new series underscores Christian meditation as an integral aspect of spiritual self-care, facilitating an unwavering focus on God's divine presence and the timeless wisdom in His Word.

"When you learn to integrate spiritual disciplines into the most mundane moments of every day, the presence of the Lord gives you strength to overcome the struggles that once seemed impossible," said series host Dr. Tim Clinton. "We believe that 'Meditative Prayers' will be a great tool to help restore peace of mind and center listeners' focus on the problem solver rather than the problem." 

Dr. Tim Clinton is a renowned therapist and president of the American Association of Christian Counselors, the largest and most diverse Christian counseling association in the world. His son Zach serves as vice president and is founder and host of the Built Different podcast. 

"I'm excited to be partnering with my dad on this project, as we each bring a different perspective to many of the issues affecting listeners across both our generations," Zach said. "We are especially grateful to for recognizing the need for this kind of content and working with us to produce such a quality project. We know it will be of immense help to everyone who hears it." 

Some of the themes that will be addressed on the show include anxiety, relationships, anger, parenting, stress and 25 others. There are 210 episodes in the series - seven focused on each theme - releasing weekdays beginning this month. The topics and tone will resonate with both men and women and across all ages. "Meditative Prayers" seeks to lift some of the burdens people are carrying, providing spiritual care aligned with common struggles, taking a holistic approach to renewal of mind, body and spirit.   

"We are honored to release 'Meditative Prayers,' enriched by the profound insights and expertise of Dr. Tim and Zach Clinton," said VP of Content Max Bard. "This series applies biblical wisdom and spiritual disciplines to draw listeners closer to God, build on relationships, and improve mental health."

In addition to "Meditative Prayers," hosts podcasts from leading Christian pastors and speakers, daily prayers and Bible-based resources to aid listeners wherever they may be in their spiritual growth journeys. Find "Meditative Prayers" and other prayer and faith-based audio content at, or on Apple or Spotify.     

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