Product Creators: Tired Of Paying High Prices For Ebook And Boxshot Covers?

My Friends Tell Me Im Crazy For Seling This Ecover Software

"Product creators are sick and tired of paying outrageous prices for ebook and boxshot cover designs. Enough is enough, it is time for the high costs to end. Marian Krajcovic of Ecover Software is barring all in his drawing Amazing 1 Click Covers - the cover creation solution. Lets hear from Marian himself.
Just like you, I didn't know what I was doing when I first started creating eCovers 2 years ago. I had to learn everything myself, the hard way. I learned by going through 100's of free online tutorials, and trying different things myself...just playing around with Photoshop.
I spent 100's of hours doing this.
That's 100's of hours specifically on eCover designs. Learning what layouts are the best, what colors are the best, where to put everything, what little touches to add to make the cover look better, etc..
I've been perfecting the little details for hours, to improve and fine tune my skills to the point they are at today. Now, I know exactly what designs look best, and how to create those designs using Photoshop in the fastest, and most efficient way possible. Now you have everything I've learned over the years.
Read what one of their customers had to say about the product:
"After reviewing your entire package, all I can say is WOW!!! You have done an amazing job.

Your whole system is 20 times easier to use than anything else out there. And it has done wonders for me.

I can now create covers in much less time, and the quality of my designs improved DRAMATICALLY. I've actually raised my prices and I'm now getting more clients than ever before."
This cover creator is revolutionizing the industry. To see more, visit


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