Push-to-Talk App Zello Launches Instant Transcriptions for Faster, Searchable Frontline Worker Communication

Zello, a voice-first communication platform that enables collaboration and productivity for frontline workers, today announced the rollout of automatic transcription, adding the convenience and accessibility of text-to-live voice communication. Transcriptions will help Zello users easily and discreetly access the information in voice messages and quickly find relevant communications.  

Frontline workers in industries like retail, transportation, and hospitality depend on Zello for reliable voice communication when every second counts. With the launch of message transcriptions, users are able to scan and monitor Zello in situations where listening is not an option, such as in meetings, in loud environments, or when interacting with customers. Rather than replaying messages over and over, users can skim transcriptions to pinpoint information, for example, when a manager needs to identify urgent requests, when constructing a record for conflict resolution, or if a frontline worker misses one piece of information in a long message. Transcriptions also make Zello more accessible to those with hearing impairments.

When transcriptions are enabled, Zello uses AI-based speech-to-text to automatically transcribe the message. Message transcription joins existing functions of Zello that ensure no information is missed, like the ability to replay messages and Message Vault, which stores an organization’s messages for up to two years. Administrators can use the Management Console to search across transcriptions for all messages in Message Vault and analyze them for sentiment or to determine the most common issues. 

"Zello has a long history of successfully replacing two-way radios, and I'm proud of our continued innovation delivering added value beyond anything you could expect from legacy radio technology," said Alex Gavrilov, CEO of Zello. "Automatic transcriptions were one of the features most requested by our customers. Now that this feature is available, I'm excited to see all the creative ways the transcriptions will be used by our customers and their frontline teams."

To see transcriptions in action, visit Zello at booth 1745 at NRF 2024 in New York starting Sunday, January 14, or reach out to [email protected] to learn more. 

About Zello: 

Zello is a voice-first communication platform, powered by proprietary industry-leading push-to-talk technology, built to improve collaboration and productivity for the mobile workforce. With more than 180 million users registered worldwide and 99.99% uptime, Zello is simple to use, integrate, and manage, connecting frontline and operations teams with one touch to solve problems, manage exceptions and collaborate more efficiently. Zello is recognized as one of the most reliable communication tools for mobile workers by The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CBS, CNBC, USA Today, and TechCrunch. Visit zello.com for more information.

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