Qritrim Disrupts Influencer Marketing Space With QIVR IMS Launch, Deep Audience Understanding & Engagement Empowers Brands to Truly Connect With Customers

Industry-first, audience-centric influencer marketing platform


 Qritrim announces the launch of QIVR IMS 1.0, an end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform in the company's SaaS product portfolio led by a group of customer-obsessed AI, digital marketing, and data leaders. IMS will increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales by delivering the right message to the right audience and partnering with the right influencers across social channels. 

Influencer Marketing Solution offers:

  • Audience-centric influencer discovery based on brand affinity, audience demographics, and interests.
  • Outcome-focused campaign setup to increase audience engagements
  • Actionable intelligence about influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Automated recommendations to optimize campaign performance and ROI.

Qritrim disrupts the fast-emerging influencer marketing industry with AI-Powered Audience-Match Score, Social Persona Infused Influencer Attribute Score and In-Built Engagement Center for influencer outreach. 

"We are super excited to launch our premier Influencer Marketing System (IMS), a key product in our QIVR suite of Marketing and Advertising Solutions. IMS fills a big gap in the advertising landscape as audiences move to social networks, privacy rules tighten and brands need new ways to connect with audiences. With IMS, brands and agencies can launch campaigns with confidence and truly engage their audiences," said Sandeep Kumar, CEO, Qritrim Inc.

QIVR IMS is designed not just for advertisers. With IMS, influencers can become thought leaders in their subject, gain more followers and increase earnings while working with brands they love.

"We have been looking for an ideal solution that covers the various aspects of the fast-evolving Influencer Marketing space. QIVR IMS surpasses all our expectations and delivers real value to agencies, brands, and influencers. It makes the whole process of influencer discovery, campaign setup, and campaign management transparent, efficient, and measurable. We are excited to be working with Qritrim," said Kristen Moss, Founder and Casting Director of Kmoss Casting.

"We are experiencing exponential growth with QIVR IMS by onboarding marketing agencies and great partnerships like KMoss Casting Agency. Globally, there are millions of influencers and creators that we are excited about onboarding," said Jayraj Joshi, VP Marketing, Qritrim.

About Qritrim

Qritrim empowers new experiences using Qi AI Platform, turnkey AI applications, and Artificial Domain Intelligence (ADI), resulting in 3x data scientist efficiency, faster ML model training, and time-to-market. Qritrim offers an enterprise-wide platform that goes beyond data orchestration, data science training, and domain intelligence siloes to accelerate the development and deployment of AI, resulting in better ML Ops, security, intelligence, outcomes, and ROI. To learn more, visit www.qritrim.com and www.qivr.ai 

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