Rarebreed Announces Partnership With Blend

First veterinary hospitals to be certified in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Rarebreed Veterinary Partners, a thriving community of veterinary hospitals whose goal is to deliver exceptional patient care, outstanding client service, and an amazing employee experience, announces a partnership with Blend VetMed. Blend, a veterinary hospital certification program designed to train veterinary teams in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), is the first of its kind to create an inclusive workplace culture geared towards fostering environments of belonging for teams and clients. The Rarebreed-Blend partnership signifies a major milestone as the first community of veterinary hospitals prepares to become Blend-certified.

"As the demographics of our country evolve in its diversity, the changes will be reflected within the populations of our veterinary workforce and among pet owners," said Dr. Niccole Bruno, CEO and founder of Blend. "Therefore, it is essential for veterinary organizations to begin prioritizing DEIB training, incorporating DEIB practices into their daily routine, and providing tools that aid in embracing and cultivating a sustainable hospital culture."

A 2013 article in The Atlantic referenced veterinary medicine as the least diverse medical profession in the United States, and the 2021 US Bureau of Labor & Statistics reported that less than 2% black, 4.7% Latin X, and 5.6% Asian populations were represented. Blend chief operating officer, Dr. Genine Ervin-Smith, stated, "Blend is a program that is necessary for all professions, and I'm thrilled that we're starting with the field of veterinary medicine, which is near and dear to our hearts."

Rarebreed Veterinary Partners was founded in 2018 in Portland, Maine, to reimagine the veterinary experience. Rarebreed is a thriving community of veterinary hospitals that goes the extra mile to create exceptional veterinary experiences, one partner practice and team member at a time. When asked about the partnership, Sarah Mills, Rarebreed senior director of marketing and communications, said, "As a woman who has been a leader in the veterinary industry for over a decade, I am proud to use my voice to advocate for big industry changes. I want our care teams to be represented by the best and brightest applicants who are not only filled with a sense of belonging but also know they have a voice at our Rarebreed table."

With over 120 locations across the Northeast, Florida, and Virginia, Rarebreed is committed to universal training to sustain wellness, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. Rarebreed CEO, Dan Espinal, commented, "I was raised in a multi-ethnic family as a first-generation American whose first language was not English. I remember from an early age what it felt like to not belong. My goal is to ensure that people who enter our practices, whether as an employee or a client, know that we are committed to changing the dialogue. I am confident that Rarebreed's partnership with Blend is going to do just that."

Rarebreed's 2023 partnership with Blend reflects its commitment to the transformational change it strives to create within the veterinary profession and beyond.


About Rarebreed

Rarebreed Veterinary Partners is a thriving community of veterinary hospitals that goes the extra mile to create exceptional work experiences, one partnership at a time. We pride ourselves on building trusted, lasting relationships with our partner hospitals, with a mission to provide exceptional patient care, outstanding client service and an amazing work experience. We continue to build a broad network of practices that value healthcare teams by offering them the innovation and tools necessary to grow, improve and reimagine the veterinary experience. For more information, visit www.rarebreedvet.com.

Rarebreed is the registered service mark of Rarebreed Veterinary Partners. 

Source: Rarebreed Veterinary Partners


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