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SEATTLE - May 13, 2010 - Today, CorGar, LLC announces the release of RideRemedy. RideRemedy is an iPhone application that enables people to make connections for ride sharing anywhere, any time.

Today, CorGar, LLC announces the release of RideRemedy. RideRemedy is an iPhone application that enables people to make connections for ride sharing anywhere, any time.

RideRemedy enables people to connect for the purpose of sharing rides and in the process, saving time, money and reducing CO2 emissions. Its users are a community of cost and environmentally conscious people consisting of commuters, carpoolers, seasoned travelers and others with regular or occasional transportation needs.

RideRemedy's goal is to save time and expense and to reduce CO2 emissions, one ride at a time.

RideRemedy is an efficient and user friendly application that is privacy conscious.

RideRemedy uses an in-app messaging system to facilitate communication between ride sharers. At no time does it reveal email addresses or phone numbers. In addition, messages sent via RideRemedy do not trigger carrier text messaging fees.

The initial release of RideRemedy will run on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms and will be followed shortly by an internet website to support other devices.

A Unique Call to Action

RideRemedy's effectiveness in cutting costs and reducing CO2 emissions is contingent on the development of the RideRemedy community. A critical mass must be achieved to maximize ride-sharing opportunities. Subscribers are therefore asked to take an active role in spreading the word to groups and individuals with similar goals and requirements.

Pricing & Savings

To facilitate the growth of the RideRemedy community, RideRemedy is initially being offered at no charge for a three-month introductory period. After the free three-month introductory period ends, subscription service will only begin when a sharer finds a matching ride and initiates the in-app messaging process. The annual subscription price for sharing rides through RideRemedy is $4.99. Share only one ride through RideRemedy and the likely savings will be more than three times the annual subscription cost. Additional ride shares will cost nothing for the balance of the year resulting in even greater savings.

Giving Back

RideRemedy pledges to donate 10% of its net receipts to organizations focused on protecting and restoring the planet.

Examples of cab fares and CO2 emissions.

• SEA to Downtown Seattle: $41 - 14.7 lbs CO2 emissions
• SFO to Downtown San Francisco: $48 - 12.8 lbs CO2 emissions
• JFK to Downtown New York: $45 - 17.1 lbs CO2 emissions
• ORD to Downtown Chicago: $55 - 17.9 lbs CO2 emissions
Note: One gallon of gasoline produces approx. 20lbs CO2 emissions; Pricing reflects full fare with gratuity. Individual $ savings would be ½ of fare.

RideRemedy Availability

RideRemedy is now available through the Apple iTunes Store.

Learn More About RideRemedy
Development Group www.qbiki.com/iphoneapplicationportfolio/ride-remedy
Demo Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt_fbvhFthU

About Us

Founded in 2009, CorGar, LLC is a developer of digitally based applications available via a variety of delivery platforms. The company is focused on a range of products and services designed to enable people to connect more freely and in doing so, save time, money and lessen their impact on the environment.

For more information:

Gary Horsfall * 206-605-4090 * [email protected] * http://www.RideRemedy.com


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