rpv Launches Fund for Early-Stage, Scientifically Intensive DeepTech Ventures

Ushering in the next tech revolution by supporting, breakthrough DeepTech projects with the highest growth potential

rpv announces the official launch of its DeepTech Venture Fund. This ambitious fund has the objective of defining the future through sourcing and supporting outstanding scientific talent across various fields in the DeepTech market worldwide.

"We believe that humankind is about to enter the next era of technological advancements," says Arkady Kulik, founding partner at rpv. "We intend to be a big part of the engine that drives that change by rewarding rigorous scientific projects based on strong ethical standards with the resources they deserve."

The rpv DeepTech Venture Fund

The rpv portfolio already includes companies providing innovative solutions for the well-being of humankind in neuroscience, advanced materials, new energy, and more. The rpv Venture Fund will keep connecting scientists with entrepreneurs to make even more ventures possible.

The Timing

The last few decades have brought in wave after wave of disruptive technological innovation, starting with personal computing in the '80s, then the internet, mobile, and cloud computing. The stage is set for DeepTech. The volume and pace of major breakthroughs in recent years indicate the world is on the cusp of a new technological age. Bringing together a knowledgeable and vastly experienced team of experts, rpv expects to play a leading role in building this future.

About rpv

The rpv team is a globally distributed group of experienced professionals in diverse spheres including investment, neuroscience, new energy, lasers, quantum, additive manufacturing, and advanced materials. rpv leverages the know-how of its team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and investment professionals to implement a strategy of identifying the most promising and most disruptive DeepTech segments from a worldwide network of scientific talent in the DeepTech market.

Press Contact: hello@rpv.global

Source: rpv


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