Scoliosis Center of Utah - Now Open in Salt Lake City

Scoliosis Center or Utah

The Scoliosis Center of Utah is proud to officially announce the launch of their scoliosis, postural and spine rehabilitation center in Midvale, Utah.

Drs. Katalina Dean and John Ratliff, owners of the center, take a conservative approach to reduce scoliotic curves, correct postural deformities and rehabilitate disc degeneration — all without surgery, downtime or risky side-effects.

Utilizing non-invasive, cutting-edge and revolutionary treatment options, such as specific Mirror Image exercises and the ScoliBrace system, the team at Scoliosis Center of Utah is able to successfully treat both children and adults with varying levels of scoliosis, poor posture or disc degeneration disease.

"Surgery should always be the last option," says Dr. Katalina Dean. "There are times that surgery should be considered but not before all non-invasive treatment options have been exhausted."

Thousands of Utahns have benefited greatly from the type of non-invasive spinal therapies that are offered at the Scoliosis Center of Utah. From children with early onset of scoliosis to adults who are slouching or have forward head-postures due to lifestyle choices, and even seniors who need their disc degeneration treated to lessen pain and discomfort. Their new 3D custom brace system has been shown to be very effective for many of these cases.

"We treat anyone who is concerned about their postural or spinal health or have been told by other doctors that they need surgery," says Dr. John Ratliff. "From young children, teens and adults to seniors who demand a better quality of life — we devise custom treatment programs to help improve patient outcomes and reduce symptoms within weeks of starting treatment."

The Scoliosis Center of Utah is located at 613 E Fort Union Boulevard in Midvale ​— conveniently located a few minutes' drive from downtown Salt Lake City.

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