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The self-service and kiosk industry association forms ADA committee and working group and meets with governmental standards departments.

Disabled access

The Kiosk Industry Group Association has formed an ADA committee and an ADA working group.  And in November travel to Washington, DC to meet with the U.S. Access Board, the group responsible for writing ADA regulations.  The idea is to work with the Access Board on an ongoing basis to help them better define regulations.  We are also working with the ATMIA ( as well and the ETA ( in this regard. Participation in the working group is open to all interested parties.

The ADA committee currently consists of Olea KiosksKiosk Information SystemsFrank Mayer and AssociatesKioWare, Turnkey Kiosks and iPadKIosks.

At the same time this month the featured in-depth article is on ADA , the Final Rule, current government actions and relevant liability actions. 


Some of the biggest challenges self-service transaction machine deployers face is the degree of interpretation that must be applied to some of the regulations.  How many accessible units and what level of accessibility constitutes acceptable access?  Another is new regulations and retrofitting existing units, said Craig Keefner, manager for Olea Kiosks.

“Complicating retrofits can be the issue of recertifying for UL,” Keefner said. “One change to the overall machine can require the new configuration to be re-certified. If someone like Walmart has to change all of its self-checkouts, that’s a big change.” 

In other news this month (

  • Telemedicine partnership Olea and AMD announced
  • Turnkey Kiosks Make Big Updates
  • Improved Android management software by KioWare released
  • Nanonation promotions
  • New kiosk printer section w/ Microcom, BOCA & new member KFI.
  • Elo announces new Wallaby line of kiosks

New Members

  • ELO
  • Visual Planet
  • Assistra Technology
  • KH Custom Printer
  • Digital Business Consulting

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