Smaato's Digital Ad Tech Platform is a Data-Privacy Compliant, Self-Serve Ad Server and Monetization Solution That Gives Publishers Controls to Build Their Own Walled Gardens

Digital Advertising Technology Platform Smaato enters the new era of privacy with an omnichannel approach, extending reach for marketers across all channels while giving publishers controls to create their own walled gardens

Smaato's screen, device, format, environment and revenue-model agnostic platform is designed to enhance end-user experiences. Publishers and marketers can rest assured that user data remains protected, while the most highly relevant ads reach Smart TVs, desktops and mobile devices around the globe.

"Advertising is much more than performance and metrics. It's about capturing a moment and re-living an experience where metrics are the outcome of the positive experience," says Smaato CEO Ajitpal Pannu. "As we enter a new era of privacy and shift away from targeting as the primary objective toward experiences as the focus, we as an industry are tasked with finding new ways to create experiences for end users. Meeting audiences where they are, across any device, ad environment and ad format - all while maintaining user privacy -  means putting publishers in control of their data, as well as integrating monetization into their content strategy."

Smaato's self-serve platform and free ad server allow publishers greater transparency, flexibility, and increased competition from advertisers. The result is higher revenues. Smaato's Customer Data Platform allows publishers to manage their valuable first-party data so advertisers deliver only the most relevant ads to premium audiences around the world through the programmatic pipes.

"Publishers protect and manage their non-PII data inside the Smaato platform with complete ownership, creating their own walled gardens. This allows them to build packages of audience segments and communicate those segments via programmatic direct deals with advertisers," says Pannu. "In turn, this empowers marketers to reach the right audiences, resulting in better user experiences. All the while, quality is at the forefront of their relationship with supply sources.

"We have built solutions that benefit publishers, marketers and, ultimately, their audiences who seek valuable experiences rather than to be targeted. In fact," adds Pannu, "we embrace the new era of user privacy. It allows our publisher-focused platform [SPX] to demonstrate how to solve complexity with simplicity from a programmatic-ready ad server built for display, native and video."

Smaato's Digital Ad Tech Platform is the only omnichannel ad server and monetization solution with controls to make monetization simple. Publishers bring their first-party data and manage display, native and video inventory on one self-serve platform. Marketers access premium publishers and audiences within a publisher's own environment, ensuring the highest-quality inventory. To learn more, visit

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