Smart Whimsy's All-New Surfgirl Seeks Crowdfunding Superheroes

Dark Threads: Surfgirl

​​The comic book industry is experiencing a cataclysmic event with Diamond closing its doors, printers suffering from major delays, and the big two comic publishers, Marvel and DC, ordering pencils down. After years of declining sales and the growing rift between fans and the mega-corporations that own the rights to their favorite characters, things are looking extremely bleak for an industry that has survived for nearly a century. One thing is for certain, comic books will never be the same.

Enter Smart Whimsy, an all-new indie comic book publisher that hopes to use crowdfunding to launch the Dark Threads Universe. By focusing on compelling stories driven by rich, dynamic characters, Smart Whimsy founder and writer Asche Adair aims to lead the way in a rapidly changing market. With a renewed focus on character development and story, Asche wants to build a better comic book industry.

For the past two years, Asche Adair has worked to assemble an extraordinarily talented team of artists from around the world to develop a 90-page graphic novel to launch the Dark Threads Universe. With Ariel Medel (The Unbeatables, Xena: Warrior Princess) on pencils, Jagdish Kumar (G.I. Joe, Grimm Fairy Tales) on inks, and Bryan Valenza (Witchblade, Red Sonja & Vampirella meet Betty & Veronica) bringing his vibrant style to the colors, the debut graphic novel Dark Threads: Surfgirl is shaping up to make a big splash.

Dark Threads: Surfgirl follows Lanmé Noel who, when she turned 16, inherited the veve of the loa La Sirene, the goddess of the sea from Haitian folklore. While wearing the veve, she gains the ability to draw on extra-dimensional energies to manipulate the atmosphere and control the weather. Under the guidance of Papa Legba, and with the help of her friends Kenji Normura and Kimberly Walker, she adopts the superhero persona of Surfgirl to fight crime but quickly realizes that she is out of her depth. Now, with a fire threatening to destroy her home and kill thousands, she must face up to the consequences of the choice she made to abandon her destiny.

With the comic book industry going through such a monumental change, Smart Whimsy has decided to use Indiegogo to bring Dark Threads: Surfgirl directly to comic book readers. Fans of superhero comics can order their copy today: ​

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