SocialNightlife LLC Announces an Agreement to Be Acquired by VEA Holdings, LLC for an Undisclosed Amount

SocialNightlife LLC, the hospitality technology company that developed SN Venue Management platform, the SocialNightlife mobile app, and various other software and marketing services has announced that they have been acquired by VEA Holdings, LLC for an undisclosed amount. VEA Holdings, LLC hopes to leverage other investments in the hospitality industry to further expand its investment portfolio and market share.

“We built an amazing team that built a world-class product that drove incredible value for hospitality and nightlife venues. Our platform managed events headlined by major acts like Tiesto and Kaskade to name few. We felt it was the right time to let our baby go so it can continue to evolve and grow with more available resources and capital,” said CEO and co-founder Artin Nazarian.

The combining of multiple technologies will drive innovation and value for the hospitality industry that will be looking for innovative solutions to reduce costs and be more efficient.

About SocialNightlife LLC.

SocialNightlife LLC is a provider of software and technology services for the hospitality industry. Founded in Los Angeles, the company operates several web and mobile products targeting both B2B and B2C customers.

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