Somedays Founder Acquires Aisle in Intergenerational FemTech Deal

Sustainable period care trailblazers entrust their 30-year legacy to a new generation of leadership.

Lux and Aisle Co-Founders Suzanne and Madeleine

Lux Perry, CEO and founder of Somedays, a North American leader in natural period pain relief, has announced their acquisition of Aisle, the top-ranked B Corp period care company in the world and original period underwear brand founded in 1993. Together, Somedays and Aisle will yield North America’s most comprehensive range of period care products.

“The philosophy underpinning this acquisition prioritizes keeping reproductive health businesses in the hands of those they serve and celebrating an impact-based brand that has been at the forefront of the menstrual health movement for decades,” said Perry. “It may sound idealistic, but I believe that good business and good values are not mutually exclusive. The strategic aspect of the deal lies in the synergy of the two company’s shared audiences and complementary product lines.” 

In contrast to more traditional acquisitions, the deal honours the dedication to social enterprise present from Aisle's inception, and the trailblazing legacy of Aisle’s co-founders Suzanne Siemens and Madeleine Shaw.

“Aisle’s story is deeply rooted in menstrual equity and advocacy,” remarked Siemens. “As we pass the torch to Lux, we are confident that the vision of universal, sustainable access to menstrual care we've championed will continue to flourish for generations to come.”  

Somedays, famous for its viral period pain simulator videos with over 3 billion views, and first-in-category approach to menstrual pain relief, brings a bold, ambitious vision for the future of menstrual wellness. Sparking critical conversations on endometriosis and the gender pain gap, the three-year-old company, bolstered by its acquisition of Aisle, plans to expand into menstrual healthcare services to further support their shared audiences.

“This intergenerational union exemplifies a fusion of experience and new energy, breathing fresh life into Aisle's foundational values of sustainability, transparency and body autonomy that have guided the brand for over three decades,” said Shaw.

Under Perry’s visionary leadership, this amalgamation propels the two companies into an exciting future where innovation and product development take centre stage. Grounded in their shared values and an unwavering dedication to improving the lives of those they serve, the merged forces promise a revolutionary approach to health that will boldly shape the future of menstrual care. 

About Aisle & Somedays

Formerly known as Lunapads, Aisle is a founding Canadian B Corporation and the original developers of period underwear and washable cloth pads. Aisle’s gender-inclusive line of period underwear, menstrual cups and washable pads replace hundreds of single-use disposable pads or tampons.

Somedays is the North American leader in natural period pain relief products where people with periods can feel validated in their experience with period pain, and find the relief they deserve.

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