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There is a need for more resources readily available, especially when a person suffers from chronic pain. One of the safest, long-term options is MAT.

What is Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT? Why is it so important to be able to find facilities that offer MAT? MAT is used in the treatment of addiction to opiates such as heroin, methadone, pain medication, and fentanyl. Stepping Sober realizes the importance and need for MAT programs, especially when they are coupled with personalized therapy. Stepping Sober has now added a specific section to help navigate resources for patients. Finding out if medication-assisted treatment is right for a person dealing with an opiate use disorder is an important step in finding the right rehab, Stepping Sober has added all the information and links one might use while determining if they are a good candidate for MAT.

So far, medication-assisted treatment has been an effective opioid abuse treatment option. It has been helping to prevent drug overdose and drastically reduce relapse rates. The traditional model of residential rehab, intensive outpatient programs, and cognitive behavioral therapy, all coupled with the promotion of abstinence has experienced extremely poor outcomes. Most rehab patients return to drug use after completing traditional treatment, leaving them frustrated.

Stepping Sober has received many letters from former heroin addicts who tried traditional drug treatment programs multiple times. Most found buprenorphine to help keep them clean and sober longer.

There is a need for more resources readily available, especially when a person suffers from chronic pain. One of the safest, long-term options is MAT. Many Americans suffer from chronic pain; some who treat it with pain medication eventually begin using less expensive, more effective heroin to treat it. When this person comes off opiates they are still left in extreme pain and are tempted to return to opiate pain medication. Buprenorphine is a very effective drug that can prevent this temptation. Buprenorphine with Naloxone is a two-part drug that blocks the effects of opiates and is also used to manage mild to moderate levels of pain. Buprenorphine is more effective than morphine and considerably less dangerous for pain management.

The U.S. government is a strong proponent for MAT and has almost tripled the number of patients a doctor is able to treat. In the past, doctors were only able to treat 100 patients on MAT; this number has now risen to 275. This allows 70,000 more people suffering from opiate addiction to receive the help they need. On top of this, the government has granted $485 million to help combat opioid addiction. is proud to offer advice on a full-spectrum Medication Assisted treatment programs. Stepping Sober offers resources for couples, marriage counseling, grief counseling, alcoholism, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction as well as gambling addiction resources and as of today, Medication-assisted treatment options.


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