Super Bowl Champion & New York JET Legend Darrelle Revis Partners With Tailored Sportswear Brand DYNE

Announces Two-Year Apparel Collaboration DYNE X dr Capsule Collection to Debut During New York Fashion Week in February

In partnership with tailored sportswear brand DYNE, recently retired New York JET and NFL Super Bowl Champion Darrelle Revis has now entered into a two-year apparel deal slated to launch next New York Fashion Week season, presenting the Fall/Winter 2019 capsule collection of DYNE X dr. The collaboration marks Revis’ first apparel venture post-NFL retirement along with his passion for stylish, quality athletic wear.

Seeking out a game-changing fashion designer, Revis connected with DYNE founder and Creative Director Christopher Bevans, former lead designer for both Sean John and Rocawear, director of urban apparel design for Nike and creative director for Billionaire Boys Club. Both champions within their respective professions, the two formed a relationship that would lead to the development and creation of the DYNE X dr capsule collection. Revis and Bevans have been working side by side at DYNE’s headquarters in Portland on their debut unisex line that includes futuristic graphic tees, shorts, hoodies and joggers for the lifestyle enthusiast with a love for sports.

“As a professional athlete, dressing with style had to do with your performance come game day. It’s truly an honor to work alongside Christopher at DYNE as a co-designer. I am a huge admirer of Christopher’s work so once I was given the opportunity to work with him and his brand, it felt like the right combination for us to create something special.” – Darrelle Revis

“Growing up in the Tri-State area, football was an important part of my life. When the opportunity to work with Darrelle presented itself, I could not say no. His style, both on and off the field, is an inspiration to me and I’m excited to bring that style to a new line. His hands-on approach to design along with his passion for perfection will shine through every piece.” – Christopher Bevans

While more details of the first capsule will be revealed closer to the launch, the forward-thinking duo is incorporating a technology feature in each garment. NFC or near-field communication technology, the same connectivity that powers mobile paying services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, will allow wearers to learn more about a piece by using the Decode NFC scanning app on their phone. In addition to NFC technology, the offerings of DYNE X dr are made up of high-end, sustainable functional fabrics with antimicrobial and wicking properties, waterproof fibers and reflective features.

About Christopher Bevans & DYNE

Christopher Bevans is the award-winning creative director of DYNE, a tailored sportswear brand he launched in 2015. The DYNE label is the culmination of Bevans’ determination to reach new heights in fashion and technology and of the immeasurable successes he has exhibited over a 20-year career certifying him as a modern-day pioneer. #DYNExdr #DYNELIFE #NextChapter

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