Super Ride XII - National Television Promo Released

A national television spot for Super Ride XII: International Festival of the Equestrian Arts is being distributed to North American Media Outlets.

The Super Ride Organizing Committee has published a thirty second (:30) national television spot promoting Super Ride XII: International Festival of the Equestrian Arts.


The promotional video incorporates animated text against the timeless beauty of Reitgesellschaft in hugeliger Landschaft mit Gewasser im Hintergrund, a 1919 Tempera by German artist Hans von Farber du Faur (1863 - 1940). The distinctive visuals are set off by a Russian inspired orchestral-electronic hybird Kira Fled The District by contemporary American composer Dan O'Connor.

Produced by SportsQuest International, LLC, the promo is being distributed to both general audience and 'horse focused' media outlets throughout the United States and Canada.

Super Ride XII: International Festival of the Equestrian Arts will be held June 17 to 21, 2014 at the Texas Rose Horse Park, near Lindale. The tournament will feature competition in five (5) team oriented disciplines: Mounted Color Guard, Equestrian Drill, (Dressage Based) Quadrille, Vaulting and Escaramuza - a colorful, all-female, sidesaddle sport with deep roots in the history and culture of Mexico.

The festival offers national championship competitions in its Drill Team and Color Guard divisions - sanctioned by the United States Equestrian Drill Association.

The Super Ride Vaulting Celebration is sanctioned by the American Vaulting Association. Vaulting is contested internationally, and is one of seven (7) equestrian sports disciplines recognized by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI).

Since its introduction in 1953 (where both girls and boys participated), Escaramuza, an all-female, sidesaddle sport, has grown dramatically from within the centuries-old charreria tradition of Mexico. Escaramuza has changed Mexico's charro culture from an exclusively male dominated environment into a sport that is notably more 'family oriented'.

The World Escaramuza Challenge at Super Ride XII is sanctioned by Charros Federation USA Inc.


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